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Submit a New MediaBeacon University Article

Submit a New MediaBeacon University Article
This is a guide for MediaBeacon resources to submit new Knowledge Base or Documentation Articles
  1. Follow this link: Article Template. You should be in the following folder: Solutions Delivery Team > MediaBeacon University Knowledge Base Article Onboarding > Community Member Submissions.
  2. "Right-click the "MBU Knowledge Base Article Template" and choose "Make a Copy". This copy should already be in the above shared folder, so no need to re-share.
  3. Rename the copy with the name of your article prefixed with "DRAFT - " (e.g., "DRAFT - My Article").
    1. Note: if you have to change the name of your article to match content later, that is ok.
  4. Open the Document and fill out the template.
  5. When you have completed the article to your satisfaction, please rename the Google Doc, replacing DRAFT with REVIEW. (e.g., "REVIEW - My Article")
  6. Email the MBU Editors with a link to your completed article.
    1. Note: the link is just the URL of the Google Doc.

Please see Formatting MediaBeacon Articles for the types of information structures you can use.

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