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MediaBeacon 2019.1 Release Notes

MediaBeacon System Requirements - 2019.1.pdf

MediaBeacon Release Notes - 2019.1.pdf

New Features


Adobe Connector

  • User Interface
    • UI is now able to use the text search field in tandem with the directory browser.
    • UI now will only show ACLs that have the "Trigger Workflows" Permission unrestricted.
    • UI now displays a user's MediaBeacon Saved Selections.
    • UI now displays a user's MediaBeacon Saved Searches.
    • UI now allows a user to easily open MediaBeacon and display a given asset's details.
  • The Adobe Connector is now able to upload any active document as a new version of any asset in the Asset Browser.
  • The upload path of PDFs created by the Adobe Connector has been changed to "/Index/uploads/" from "/Index/upload///".
  • The Adobe Connector now has language translations that are hosted on the main MediaBeacon server.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Adobe Connector to incorrectly display the "Upload New Version" button when editing an asset that was deleted within MediaBeacon.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the BPM "Tasks" button from being displayed in the Adobe Connector.

Google Speech API

  • MediaBeacon can now be configured to use the Google Speech API to provide automatic speech to text in video or audio assets.
  • The text of spoken words are displayed next to each keyframe interval in the Video Summary tab.
  • This text for an entire video is downloadable.


  • Duplicate Identification System
    • MediaBeacon now generates a checksum based upon the image preview of assets upon upload and compares this with previously uploaded checksums.
    • If a match is detected, a "Duplicates Detected" message will be displayed in the Notification Center, which the user can click to review the duplicate files.
    • A special "Duplicates Uploaded" Saved Search allows the user to review the last duplicates detected in their last upload.
  • Revised Upload System
    • Improved multithreading performance of asset upload.
    • Uploading files larger than 4GB is now supported.
    • In-progress uploads may be paused, resumed, or canceled, in the Notification Center. This function operates in MediaBeacon instances with locally attached storage.
    • History function now reports file size of uploads. Occurs for both uploads in the Web UI and via Aspera integration.
    • Multiple-file Uploads:
      • Backend architecture was greatly improved to increase the speed of multiple-file uploads.
      • User feedback of multi-file uploads has been improved; each filename is presented in the Notification Center as it completes.
    • The Notification Center now shows import progress for individual files as they’re uploaded.


  • MXF Video files are now recognized and previewable by the system.
  • Expanded the ability for Custom Translations to replace text strings in the Web UI.
  • A new "Users" section in System Status shows most recent activity of user accounts.
  • The FADEL integration now leverages asset clearance status to grant or restrict the ability to download a MediaBeacon asset.
  • Switched to LibreOffice from OpenOffice as an open source office document external previewing solution.





  • Package file path relocated to avoid Windows permission issues. This improves upgrade performance, and avoids re-installation.
  • Improved backend On-Prem to SaaS migration technology.
  • Dictionary Upload dialog text improved for clarity.
  • Search Filter date fields are now sorted by ascending Date value.
  • Improved the speed of reading XMP data in uploaded PDF files.
  • The Edit User dialog now allows all groups in the system to be added to a user's "Group Membership" field by using the "Add All" functionality.
  • The Bulk Edit dialog's error messages for invalid values in Force Dictionary field has been improved.
  • Improved speed of ffmpeg keyframe generation..
  • Improved efficiency of Vantage keyframe generation.
  • JavaScript fields in the Edit Metaform panel now have a smaller default size.
  • Generation of PNG conversions from PSD and EPS files now better respect transparency.
  • Visual Workflow "Move" and "Copy" nodes will now automatically increment filenames (post pending "copy", "copy 1", "copy 2", etc.) if an asset with an exact name match exists in the target folder.
  • Manually creating a new version will automatically assign the correct file type and extension even if the "Replace Asset's Name" option is unchecked.
  • Added a new node to the Visual Workflow Editor, allowing a Conversion to be made automatically.
  • Expands the Custom Icon Replacement Feature, adding replacement for logos on External Links pages.
  • Added a new Permission Restriction to prevent the deletion of thumbnails.
  • Video timelines now may be added as fully transcoded assets back to MediaBeacon via the "As New Asset" in the "Export Timeline" menu.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented row-limited List View components from scrolling.
  • Metaforms now have a "Display Name" field, allowing them to be displayed with a different name in the Web UI.
  • The "Column Count" and "Enable Grid View" features are now grouped together in the Edit Metaform dialog.
  • The "Undo" function now prevents loss of data when changes are made to a field in an Asset View metaform tab, and the user switches to another metaform without saving.
  • The List View Now may be put into "Read Only" mode, preventing editing of values in displayed fields.





  • Fixed an issue that prevented S3-enabled MediaBeacon instances to correctly re-import assets.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Asset ID of a deleted asset from being used with the Notification Node in the Visual Workflow system.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Aspera integration from functioning properly in Safari 12.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented S3-enabled MediaBeacon instances to upload files over 5gb in size.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Bulk Select and QuickSearch functions to return incorrect results on larger sets of assets.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the List View component to incorrectly display selected assets.
  • Fixed an issue that caused image manipulation tools to disobey the "Version" permission restriction.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Visual Workflow notifications to improperly send URL links.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the contextual menu to appear properly in the Safari browser.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Save button was not enabled after editing a parameter in the Visual Workflow dialog.
  • Improved efficiency of Vantage keyframe generation.
  • Fixed an issue to prevent timeouts on large file uploads via Aspera
  • Set a width limit to prevent very wide assets from taking up too much space in the Infinite Scroll component.


Interface Localizations

The MediaBeacon interface can be displayed in any of the following languages.

  • English
  • German / Deutsch
  • Spanish / Español
  • French / Français
  • Italian / Italiano
  • Japanese / 日本語
  • Brazilian Portuguese / Português do Brasil
  • Simplified Chinese / 中国的
  • Taiwanese / 臺灣


System Requirements

To learn more about MediaBeacon's system requirements, see our Release Notes page on MediaBeacon University.

Learn More

To learn more or request a demo of the latest version of MediaBeacon, contact us.

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