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MediaBeacon 2019.0 Release Notes

Feature Enhancements

  • Asset View Image Editor
    The new Image Editor allows users to make basic edits to images while in Asset View in MediaBeacon. In the Image Editor, users can:
    • Crop and rotate images.
    • Add filters and make basic color enhancements to images.
    • Download images directly from the Image Editor.
    • Save new versions of images.
  • Adobe® Connector
    • Adds the ability to search directories directly through the Adobe® Connector in Photoshop® and InDesign®.
    • Updates functionality so that when an asset is added via drag and drop into InDesign and Photoshop from the connector, a low resolution thumbnail image is placed. This will automatically be replaced by a high resolution image that downloads in the background.
    • Adds the ability to drag and drop additional files onto the opened or new Photoshop® file in the Adobe® Connector. When uploaded, the user can choose to save as a version of the originally opened file or to upload it as a new file.
    • Adds an option to place images as For Placement Only (FPO) thumbnails to prevent the download of full-res images until the user decides to sync them to their computer through the Adobe® Connector menu.
    • When an InDesign® file is uploaded or versioned with the connector, all linked assets that are not currently in MediaBeacon will automatically be uploaded as new, linked assets.
  • Workflow
    • Adds a logging node to the Visual Workflow Editor.
  • Admin Interface
    • Adds a duplicate option to groups so that groups can be copied in MediaBeacon.
    • Adds the ability to replace all instances of the MediaBeacon icon in the QuickStart interface.
    • Adds a new option in group settings to specify the cover for Contact Sheet so admins can upload and modify templates without needing direct server access.
  • User Interface
    • Updates functionality to keep notifications to a single line so that the Notification Center doesn't expand in the interface.
    • Adds functionality to the search filter component to act more like an accordian.
    • Adds markup formatting like bold, italics, and quotes to the discussion tab to allow richer asset discussions.
    • Adds a Folder Filter to the Move/Copy dialog so that users can search for folders and subfolders when using the Move/Copy functionality.
    • Updates Search Filter and View Components to display file sizes in KB, MB, or GB instead of Bytes.
    • Adds the option to upload to the current directory using Drag and Drop in the View Component.
    • Adds the option to undo deleted comments and annotations.
    • Improves text and user interface in Upload Import File dialog.
    • Adds a badge to indicate when assets have been synced to FADEL Digital Rights Management.
    • Adds the ability to preview 32-bit PSD images.
    • Supports external Previewing with InDesign® 2018.
  • PDF Catalog
    • Adds Record ID to Contact Sheet.
  • Performance
    • Improves performance so the Directory Browser Filter loads results faster.
    • Updates syncing from MediaBeacon to S3 so that it does not re-preview files.
    • Improves content pools functionality by writing data on edit of a managed user asset into the database for the user instead of the main core.
  • Security
    • Adds support for configuring multiple Identity Providers (IDPs) against a single instance of MediaBeacon.
    • Adds the option to use named Solr servers and core instead of just the IP address.
  • 3d Viewer
    • Updates the angles used in the 3D Viewer Nine Views to be GS1 compliant.
  • Fields
    • Adds support for maximum and minimum HTML input limits for fields.


  • Bundles
    • Fixes the issue where Data Block fields were not synced through Bundles.
  • Upgrades
    • Updates the error to be specific when MBAssets can't be accessed during migration.
    • Removes DEP Warning on initial MediaBeacon install.
    • Technical updates significantly improve the reliability of admin core launch.
  • Adobe® Connector
    • Defaults to a relative path in the Adobe® Connector API to fix issues with being able to view previews in the connector because 'custom.server.url=' was not set.
    • Fixes the issue where the view did not change when switching ACLs in the Adobe® Connector.
  • User Interface
    • Fixes the issue where Tile View previews appeared to be improperly scaled with square-shaped assets.
    • Removes Helios and Netatalk as File Server options in the MediaBeacon GUI.
    • Fixes bug where Adobe Connector plugin logged out when trying to open an asset that didn't have a preview.
    • Fixes bug where users couldn't see discussions in the discussions tab in Asset View when using FireFox or Internet Explorer 11.
    • Fixes issues with Loading Dock Notification caching issues where the thumbnails did not appear in the notification center when they were put in the Loading Dock and were ready for download.
    • Removes "Disable dropping to tag" in Field Headers in the View Component.
  • Search
    • Fixes the issue where the Search Filter wasn't showing results that were dated more than 3 years into the future or past.
    • Fixes the issue where the Lightbox "Select Assets" returned different results when paired with a Saved Search/Mandatory Search filter.
    • Fixes the issue where a 'Contains' search returned assets that contained part of the term instead of assets that contain the entire term.
  • Admin
    • Updates permissions so that components can only be configured by Global Administrators and Group Administrators.
    • Updates an admin core session timeout to redirect to the login page instead of a 403 error page.
  • Download
    • Fixes the issue where resuming an automatic download caused an error that attempted to go to an invalid URL.
  • Versioning
    • Fixes the issue where uploading an asset with the same name as another asset, but with different capitalization, and then checking the "Replace Asset's Name" box would result in a "_1" being added to its filename.
  • Security
    • Fixes the issue where the standard nologin page would show instead of an error screen even when MediaBeacon was configured to use SAML2.

Products and Integrations

Please contact your MediaBeacon representative for more information on the following products and integrations.

  • Enterprise File Sync and Share
    Enterprise File Sync and Share is for distributed teams with advanced metrics and administration.
  • 3D Viewer
    MediaBeacon's 3D Viewer enables users to seamlessly interact with packaging models without the need to install software, plugins, or having to download the model. This feature works on standard browser technology and extends the experience of interactive 3D viewing to everyone.
  • Vantage Integration
    Vantage is a transcoding engine from Telestream that MediaBeacon can leverage to support a wide array of broadcast-quality codecs and video formats. Requires service from Vantage.
  • Aspera Integration
    Aspera is a high-speed transfer protocol that can send files 10x – 100x faster than FTP or HTTP. Requires service from Aspera.
  • Tridion Integration
    MediaBeacon is integrated with the Tridion global web content management system. Requires service from Tridion.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tagging
    MediaBeacon integrates with AI Tagging software to predict and automatically generate keywords for your assets.
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) Integration
    The Rights Cloud™ by FADEL® digital rights management (DRM) integration adds the ability to assign rights information to assets by region, distribution channel, and dates available for use.
  • Business Process Management (BPM) Workflow Tool
    The BPM integration adds workflow capability to manage the entire digital asset process from concept to approval with review and approval workflows.
  • Video Integration
    The integration with Brightcove® adds the ability to automate routine tasks, find videos easily, and use Brightcove® playback directly in MediaBeacon.

Learn More

To learn more or request a demo of the latest version of MediaBeacon, contact us.

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