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MediaBeacon 2018.1 Release Notes

For a commercial overview of new updates with imagery, please visit our blog.


Support for Cloud Storage

  • Adds the capability to securely store assets in the Amazon's S3 Cloud storage.
  • Adds the ability to Sync S3 Objects in the MediaBeacon GUI so that assets added to MediaBeacon are automatically stored in the specified S3 Bucket in AWS.

Adobe® Connector Enhancements

  • Adds the ability to search by Directory in the Adobe Connector.
  • Adds the ability to choose an "Upload New Version" option using the Adobe Connector and Business Process Management (BPM). If the name of the file being uploaded in the task is the same name as another file in the task, and "Upload New Version" is not selected, the name is incremented. (Example: test.jpg > test 1.jpg)
  • Adds the ability to switch ACLs while in the Microsoft and Adobe connectors.
  • Adds the ability for a user to choose a linked MediaBeacon asset and manually create a link in an InDesign document.
  • New Adobe Connector features let you see the task description and see all fields in the task within the connector. Includes the ability to control where downloaded task assets are saved by default or for each download.


  • Adds the ability to edit a saved search.
  • Adds the ability to see your last search terms by selecting the up arrow in Quick Search.
  • Adds a more button to see additional search results after loading for the specific level of hierarchy in the active search.

Content Pools

  • Adds the ability to assign users to content pools in admin core.


  • Adds the ability to switch to a different metaform while the save action is taking place in the current metaform.
  • Adds a feature so that when you create a new version of an asset and add comments, the comments will now show up on the managed versions tab of the metaform.
  • Updates Asset View for .ai files so that the InDesign Report Metaform appears by default.

User Interface

  • Improves the UI of the external link download landing page.
  • Updates menus to be extremely performant with accurate positioning on mobile, tablet, and computers.
  • Adds the ability to control how assets are ordered in a saved selection by using the Featured Component.


  • Strengthens security by adding support for an encrypted JDBC connection to MediaBeacon databases.


  • Adds the ability to cut videos in the Video Edit Component and on download when using FFMPEG.


  • Adds capabilities to use the REST API function asynchronously to check on the progress of the command being executed.



  • Fixes the issue where editing the code for a workflow from another workflow did not update the XMP and run the new script.
  • Fixes the issue where large visual workflows would timeout when trying to save them.

Enterprise File Sync and Share (formerly known as MasterPlan)

  • Fixes the issue where some files were not indexing properly on Solr when uploaded through Enterprise File Sync and Share (formerly known as MasterPlan).


  • Fixes the issue where PNG and JPG file formats were being converted using pixels per centimeter instead of pixels per inch when they were downloaded with a custom dpi, resulting in downloaded files being much larger than expected.
  • Fixes the issue with dictionary downloads that had accents in the name and resulted in a '400 bad request' when using Internet Explorer 11.


  • Fixes the issue where moving a folder only happened in the back-end and did not appear to move in the MediaBeacon Interface.


  • Fixes the issue where 'Contains Partial' search did not return any assets.
  • Fixes the issue where Quick Search 'Fields to Search' was not returning the expected values.
  • Fixes the issue where hierarchical search filter terms were not appearing correctly.


  • Fixes the issue where automatically configuring the ZooKeeper host list added incorrect entry to the ZooKeeper list in MediaBeacon SaaS.

Adobe® InDesign

  • Fixes the issue with Adobe InDesign report where the "Select All" function showed the message "Warning: You are about to select x,xxx assets."
  • Fixes the inDesign issue where placed images were showing incorrectly for assets outside of the parent folder.

User Interface

  • Fixes the issue where the "Copy Link to Asset" option in the contextual menu only worked when logged in via SAML. Now, the link goes directly to the asset after login.
  • Fixes the issue where it appeared that a user without permissions could edit metadata in List View.

Products and Integrations

Please contact your MediaBeacon representative for more information on the following products and integrations.

  • Enterprise File Sync and Share
    Enterprise File Sync and Share is for distributed teams with advanced metrics and administration.
  • 3D Viewer
    MediaBeacon's 3D Viewer enables users to seamlessly interact with packaging models without the need to install software, plugins, or having to download the model. This feature works on standard browser technology and extends the experience of interactive 3D viewing to everyone.
  • Vantage Integration
    Vantage is a transcoding engine from Telestream that MediaBeacon can leverage to support a wide array of broadcast-quality codecs and video formats. Requires service from Vantage.
  • Aspera Integration
    Aspera is a high-speed transfer protocol that can send files 10x – 100x faster than FTP or HTTP. Requires service from Aspera.
  • Tridion Integration
    MediaBeacon is integrated with the Tridion global web content management system. Requires service from Tridion.

​​​​​​​Learn More

To learn more or request a demo of the latest version of MediaBeacon, contact us.

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