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MediaBeacon 2018.0 Release Notes

Version: 2018.0

Terminology Updates

  • Changes M4sterplan (or Masterplan) to Enterprise File Sync and Share.
  • Changes R3search (or Research) to Enterprise Search Engine.
  • Changes C3ntrifuge (or Centrifuge) to API Engine.
  • Changes N3twork (or Network) to Enterprise Preview Engine.
  • Changes Widget to Component.
  • Changes QuickSearch to Quick Search.
  • Changes WebHead to User Concurrency Pack.
  • Changes Core to MediaBeacon Primary Server.

New Features

For an overview of new features with imagery, please visit our blog here:

Business Process Management (BPM)

  • The Business Process Management (BPM) integration allows you to manage the entire digital asset process from concept to distribution with review and approval workflows.
  • With BPM, you can create project briefs and specifications directly in your DAM and share them with all of the partners in your digital asset process.
  • Team members can view, mark-up, and approve or reject digital assets directly in the DAM.
  • Workflows make task management easy with notifications when tasks are assigned, due, or ready for review. Analytics provide insight into where assets are in the process and what tasks need to be completed.

Adobe and Microsoft Connectors

  • MediaBeacon offers plug-ins for Adobe Creative Cloud (InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop) and Microsoft Office (PowerPoint and Word) for seamless integration between the creative user and MediaBeacon. These tools allow creative users to work in the environment where they are most comfortable and have permission-based access to repository content. Users can easily upload content back into the repository while preserving all linked assets, metadata, and content elements such as fonts and associated files.
  • Users can perform a quick search with the connector, place an asset directly into their working file, upload back to the DAM, and manage tasks without leaving the Adobe environment. Enabling task capabilities in the Adobe Connector requires BPM (see above).
  • Users can save changes and versions to MediaBeacon from Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign with the ability to add comments. Assets can be saved to MediaBeacon from Adobe even if they weren’t pulled from MediaBeacon first.
  • Downloads are tracked with a progress bar and a loading spinner appears when searching or managing assets in the connector.
  • The Adobe connector has a reconfigure option that clears the cache and returns the user to the setup interface.
  • Typeahead functionality is included in the Adobe connector when searching for assets.

Artificial Intelligence Tagging Connector with Clarifai

  • The Clarifai artificial intelligence (AI) integration predicts and automatically generates keywords for your digital images and videos.
  • Keywords and values can be removed, added, and rated to help train the Computer Vision Model to learn what’s important to your users.
  • For videos, the keywords are returned in the discussion tab with time data attached so you know where the keyword was derived from in the video asset.
  • The tool can be used as an asset is uploaded into the DAM, or on an asset that is already in the DAM.

Enhanced Digital Rights Management with FADEL®

  • The Rights Cloud™ by FADEL® digital rights management (DRM) integration adds the ability to assign rights information to assets by region, distribution channel, and dates available for use.
  • Users can check rights to see if an asset is available to use by filtering based on the usage parameters.
  • Users can request access to assets that are currently unavailable for use.

Video Distribution and Metrics with Brightcove®

  • The integration with Brightcove® adds the ability to automate routine tasks, find videos easily, and use Brightcove® playback directly in MediaBeacon.
  • Cue points can be created in the videos to reference, search, or insert advertisements.
  • Metrics can be viewed to understand how videos are being used and performing. A dashboard provides metrics for video views, top trending videos, recently created videos, recently updated videos, and video views by device type and country.
  • Transcoding and advertising tools allow you to push video content to social media, e-commerce, and other digital platforms.

Color Technology with Pantone®

  • The Pantone® color technology integration allows users to search and filter based on the specific Pantone® color they are looking for.
  • The integration shows colors that harmonize with the selected Pantone® color based on monochromatic, analogous, split complement, complement, and triadic color schemes.

User Updates


  • Updates the User Interface in the upload modal to include buttons, animation delay, word-wrap on labels, progress bar, height and scroll, and styling.


  • Adds a workspace configuration option to quick download files without zipping them.
  • Updates loading dock-based downloads to download assets from different users at the same time without waiting for the "user one" downloads to complete before "user two" assets are downloaded.
  • Customizes standard image conversions in the presets tab to only show the versions that are available for download.

Saved Selections

  • Adds the ability to remove and add individual files to saved selections via API.
  • Adds the ability to add selections of assets to the cart component based on a given resolver URL via API.
  • Adds the ability to see saved selection descriptions with hover text that is applied to the entire element after the title and description for the selection have been created and saved.
  • Updates saved selection bundles so you can add or remove an asset from a saved selection bundle after you have created it.
  • Adds the ability to bulk select based on the current view.
  • Visually clarifies when the shopping cart is empty and allows users to add a selection to an empty shopping cart by clicking on the empty shopping cart.


  • Removes "Ungrouped Assets" section from 'Asset Links' when there are no ungrouped assets.
  • Adds the ability to trigger a workspace's JavaScript on Download when creating external links on directories.

Metadata Edit

  • Adds the capability to use typeahead suggestions that are dependent on another field's value that is defined by a workflow.
  • Adds the ability to append values to a comma separated value field when using an upload form.
  • Adds a validator to list_string types that removes duplicate terms from assets when the list field is edited via workflow.
  • Adds merge checkbox when you are creating a CSV bundle field so you no longer have to make the field, configure it, then go back and set the merge status.
  • Adds a descriptive message that informs the user of the most recent changes with options to update and overwrite metadata when a conflicting metadata value is saved by another user while editing a field.
  • Visually indicates a field value is invalid when a user attempts to enter too large of a number in an integer validated field.
  • Allows valid metadata edits in text view to be written while simultaneously preventing invalid metadata edits.
  • Adds functionality where a user can double click on the divider between two columns to adjust the column to the left of the divider so it becomes wide enough to fully show the widest value in the entire column.


  • Optimizes XMP-only preview generation to be faster.
  • Updates the high resolution preview of an asset to cascade updated previews to the lower resolution previews as well.
  • Adds a configuration option that allows you to show square previews.
  • Improves previews of vector PDF, AI, & EPS files so they are cleaner and sharper.
  • Replaces the preview image for metrics assets that have been deleted with a strike-through file icon.
  • Updates the animation for assets awaiting preview.
  • Adds a confirmation dialog when attempting to remove an item from the preview queue.

Metrics and Graphs

  • Adds the ability to browse a metrics workspace targeted to view social media likes and comments over time with the ability to separate the results based on the social media platform.
  • Adds a configuration option to the facet graph component where a treemap can be used instead of the donut graph. Clicking on a term in the graph expands that tile and displays the next level of terms, while clicking on the label below the graph brings the user back up a level.
  • Adds functionality to the facet graph component in pie graph mode where a user can click the graph title to undo the previously clicked facet.
  • Adds a progress bar to the detail report to let the user know the action is happening and the progress status of the report.
  • YouTube analytics added to display likes, dislikes, views, favorites, and comment count from YouTube for assets that were uploaded to the platform from MediaBeacon.


  • Updates workspace filters so they can't be removed in the advanced search dialog.
  • Highlights the current workspace in the navigate menu so the user knows which workspace they are in.
  • Simplifies permissions by using one manage workspace permission instead of separate add/remove component and add/remove workspace permissions. Now users who have permission to manage workspace set to yes can add or remove workspaces or components.
  • Updates the workspace options page with new and increased styling capabilities.
  • Adds a smart loading bar to most actions on the page so the user knows the progress of the selected action.
  • Adds a warning message if a user is attempting to switch a workspace layout that might remove components that are currently in the workspace.
  • Updates RSS feed UI.
  • Updates UI for the date picker so it's easier to open, navigate, and select a date.
  • Condenses popup classes to a single, standard code path for less divergence of styling.
  • Adds scroll bars to theme manager so that each panel has a separate scroll bar.
  • Improves user experience in contact sheet dialog box.
  • Changes the conversion panel's default tab to 'Presets'.
  • Adds new accordion layout so that clicking on a label in the accordion layout results in the corresponding component being displayed as an accordion.

Email Notifications

  • Changes all styling to be inline so the email template supports more email clients.
  • Improves the invited user dialog by fixing various styling and layout issues and adding paging to the email summary panel.


  • Adds a Lightbox option that allows users to make assets high-res without needing to wait for them.
  • Allows users to add and remove assets from the Lightbox table by clicking on them.

Asset View

  • Improves performance with the ability to use the Command+C function to copy selected assets in the view component.
  • Ensures multipage viewing in asset view for all multipage assets.
  • Adds text wrap to csv-type values in fields so that you can see the full term in the form components and asset view.
  • Adds the ability to show empty checkbox fields with a show empty fields button in asset view.
  • Introduces the 'transparent' highlight color for selecting assets in asset view.

Dictionary Panel

  • Retains the most recently selected dictionary in the dictionary panel through page refreshes.
  • Clarifies which term in a forced dictionary comma separated value field has failed validation.


  • Allows users to drag-and-drop an asset into a collapsed component. Now, when you drag-and-drop over a collapsed component, it will auto expand so you can drop the asset into the component.
  • Expands the top most components when a series of components are configured with the accordion feature.
  • Adds a warning so that users are notified when adding a 'metrics' component shifts the Enterprise Search Engine data for the workspace from 'index' to 'metrics'.
  • Improves the size of the HTML component window when its content is displaying inside of an iFrame.
  • Adds icons for assets that are checked out so that you can tell which assets have been checked out without being inside of tile view.

Directory Browser

  • Improves the timeliness of displaying changes to directory counts and tree structure in the directory browser component.


  • Adds the option to hide the search component when there is no search. The search component will populate as soon as a search is performed.
  • Shows the logical operator in the search status when a search is performed on terms between different search engine fields.
  • Adds the ability to create ACL-mandatory search criteria from a managed user attribute.
  • Adds the ability to search versioned assets by using the 'Rendition Asset' field in the search filter component.
  • Updates the color search filter so it’s more intuitive for casual users.
  • Allows the ability to set the limit from 100 to 200 matches for pasted terms in the Enterprise Search Engine filter component for a string field.
  • Adds the ability to filter on assets that don't have representative views by using "ColorSpace is null" in the search.
  • Upgrades advanced search by adding "does not begin/ends" with search conditions to advanced search.
  • Updates date sort filtering options to match Enterprise Search Engine facets to improve the consistency of the UI and only one box can be checked at any time. All added searches are removed without disturbing the rest of the search.
  • Improves advanced search usability so that selecting a field will auto focus on where to put data next (date, number, or type-ahead), the checkbox for search within current results performs the search, the field panel auto focuses on initial load, and pressing enter in the field allows the creation of another row.
  • Hides the quick search and search status configuration buttons unless a user is in administrator mode.


  • Simplifies video asset file storage so there is only one data file that represents a video file on the system and videos can be moved around without issues.

PDF Catalog

  • Adds a large preview option on contact sheets with a "Create high resolution PDF for print" option in the generate contact sheet dialog.

Loading Dock

  • Implements a new feature which displays the asset view upon double clicking conversions in the notification center and loading dock component.
  • Consistently positions the icons that display on hover of loading dock items.

Text View

  • Improves the text view component by displaying the directory name in the directory field when it is added to the columns.
  • Updates text view column sorting options so they are relevant to the data type.

Notification Center

  • Adds a notification to save the document to a plan if a user is trying to download an asset into an INDD doc that isn't saved to a share plan.
  • Prevents the notification center from expanding to the height of the browser window and adds a scrollbar for overflow.
  • Adds a minimize/maximize icon to the notification center component so you can choose if the notification center is minimized or pops up when you log in. Adds "new notification has been added" icon so you can see when there are new notifications to review.
  • Improves the look of the notification center.

Infinite Scroll View

  • Updates interface so that star ratings show as stars instead of numbers in infinite scroll view.
  • Automatically refreshes badges in infinite scroll view when data is stamped so you no longer have to manually refresh to see the updated badges.
  • Shows the fetch asset button for RSS Feed placeholder assets in infinite scroll.


  • Triggers a notification email with conversation details when someone writes @<username> in the discussions.
  • Automatically updates when comments are added or edited to discussions without needing a page refresh.
  • Adds the ability to add discussion items to assets without the need to append your discussion item in the proper format and rewrite the entire field.

3D Viewer

  • Adds a help button in the 3D viewer that displays controls when clicked.
  • Adds the ability to only perform the create link action if the link doesn't already exist.


  • Updates the Adobe Photoshop's TextLayers field to be indexed and searchable.
  • Adds ability to search INDD files for text strings.
  • Adds InDesign drag and drop icon to more view components so you can use drag and drop in infinite scroll and text view from the selection menu.

Admin Updates


  • Adds a feature so that when sharing workspaces to a group with only one ACL, that ACL is populated automatically.


  • Adds antivirus software detection to the health tab of the system status menu.
  • Stores and retrieves test results on the health dashboard from the registry table so they stay on the dashboard until the next time the tests are executed. The dashboard also includes a timestamp displaying when the tests were last run.
  • Adds the ability to view the admin core's startup status and the progress of upgrading it by double-clicking the globes in the server GUI.
  • Avoids automatically rebuilding the database unless explicitly requested by responding to a prompt.
  • Adds logging for repairing a database.


  • Updates workflow capability to trigger an email notification to an administrator when an asset is downloaded.
  • Logs relevant information when all workflow threads are consumed.
  • Allows workflow uploads to get files in workflow context using its posted parameter name.
  • Adds a counter so MediaBeacon can provide a warning in the workflow logs if 1,000 files are open at once so you know if you there are too many files that are using up excessive memory.
  • Adds the ability to copy a workflow debug URL with a single click.
  • Updates workflow debugger to show the values of arrays in the console and watch areas.


  • Adds feature to Enterprise Search Engine facet filter component so you have the option to set any field as the default conjunction, such as 'or'. The fields without this option set will default to 'and'.
  • Hides parentheses when hiding mandatory searches.
  • Includes saved searches in the conditional download add-on feature so you can set the download high res permission to custom and select a saved search. This applies the permission to the entire saved search selection.
  • Searches that are saved as "Admin Search" can now be hidden or shown in saved search results with a checkbox that says “Show Admin Searches.”
  • Adds the ability to make creating 'public' searches an admin-level capability with the public searches attachable to ACLs. 'Public' searches no longer have an owner and only admins can modify/delete them, or attach/remove them from an ACL. Admins can also mark 'public' searches as available to the Search Filter option in the ACLs to avoid clutter and make it easier to manage.

Form Edit Panel

  • Adds code editors to the JavaScript fields in the form edit panel instead of plain text.


  • Allows 'Database' form fields to display with typeahead when adding a field to sort on in a view component.
  • Allows you to duplicate a workspace so you can have a workspace with all the same components in a different view. Creating duplicate workspaces through the create menu allows users that have access to create workspaces to also duplicate them.
  • Adds the ability to open all of the manage menu options by ‘command+clicking’ them aside from the workspaces, they also work on Windows with ‘control+clicking’.
  • Adds the ability to use big integers in the integer field.
  • Adds the ability to use 'command+control+click' in the admin setup menu to open a new window instead of the existing one.
  • Adds the option to add the thread name and ID to all log messages according to the level set in file.
  • Updates admin core to convert into standard workspaces and forms.
  • Updates menus in the header bar so that each of the menus in the menu bar have a class based on their name, including the new navigation menu.
  • Improves the presentation of the layout zone configuration interface.
  • Adds a field reset button on form fields to re-sync them to current field configuration.
  • Adds the ability to display asset count in the directory browser by default.


  • Adds the ability to override mb_import_conf.xml.template changes.


  • Improves the HTML component content with better sizing and styling elements.
  • Adds configuration options to the layout zone in admin mode. By clicking the gear in the upper right corner of each zone, you can add the capability to skin the background and the ability to expand/collapse components individually and as an accordion.


  • Improves the clarity of the update file list progress reporting.

Enterprise Search Engine

  • Removes the 'Local Research (now known as Enterprise Search Engine) Server' dropdown and refresh button from the MediaBeacon Core GUI.
  • Adds the ability to set the memory for the Enterprise Search Engine process.


  • Updates public selections to an admin-level capability. Public selections don't have an owner, and only admins can modify/delete public selections. Private selections still have an owner and are cleaned once the user is deleted.
  • Adds logging and metrics on selection creation and modification.


  • Cleans zips out of the renditions folder after an Aspera folder download.
  • Updates files that are in use to move when available, or no longer in use, instead of copying and deleting the file when a move is attempted on a file that is in use.


  • Adds the ability to export mandatory searches into xmpper files by exporting a workspace with a mandatory search as an asset.
  • Allows the field PlateNames to be indexed.

Enterprise File Sync and Share

  • Enables the project status file of an Enterprise Sync and Share project to be viewed by a user the project is shared with regardless of current ACL.


  • Adds a delete button to the managed versions panel so you can delete versions.

User Management

  • Adds the ability to use the text view import to add new users to the system and assign usernames, group memberships, etc.
  • Adds the ability to attach an upload form to a given ACL. The form presented to the user will be for the most specific context applicable, based on the ACL settings.
  • Adds an external links panel on the system status page that shows a list of all active external links that you can page through and disable as necessary.
  • Adds the ability to see who an asset was emailed to from MediaBeacon in the email actions section of history.
  • Introduces a new feature where sharing an external link from the scratch basket will trigger JavaScript on Download.
  • Adds a feature for pre-populating the username field in the login page from a user-specific URL.


  • Adds the ability to upload a .zip file with Japanese file names inside to MediaBeacon with correct file names, both with .zip files made on Windows, and .zip files made on Mac.


  • Expands filtering options so you can organize and find workflows. Workflows are now alphabetized, organized by collapsing folders, include a typeahead filter so that only matching workflows will show if you start to type, and can be searched by workflow type.
  • Updates workflow capabilities to configure scheduled email notifications with summaries of changes done to your assets in the system.

Metadata Edit

  • Adds the search filter component configuration option to prevent a user from writing metadata to an asset by dragging-and-dropping the asset onto a search filter component tag.

API Updates


  • Improves Aspera failure logging.


  • Adds functionality to the REST API to obtain the dictionary backing a field or the schema a data block uses.
  • Adds functionality to append data with the REST API setField method.
  • Improves the REST API upload workflow method.

Rest API Version 2.0

  • Updates the REST API to decrease the number of calls required for an action.
  • Adds the ability to write data to a data-block field over the setField REST API.
  • Improves the REST API method setField to support setting fields that are lists.
  • Allows the output of a Visual Workflow REST node to be used as the input to another node.
  • Rest node calls and returns html for the page, and you can route the node back into stamp data so you could stamp that html to an asset.

Expanded Visual Workflow API

  • Adds the capability to pull data about the user running a workflow using the SmartName user identification feature in the visual workflow editor.
  • Updates visual workflow editor so configured nodes are validated when saving a visual workflow.
  • Updates the Visual Workflow Editor's copy and move nodes so that they both have a folder picker button where you can choose the folders to use for your workflows.
  • Adds the ability to use HTML in rich text editor in visual workflows so that you can add line breaks, etc through the email node to create custom emails.
  • Simplifies the interface for Visual Workflows by removing unnecessary options.
  • Opens the workflow editor with the most recently selected workflow still selected.

Expanded Workflow API

  • Adds the ability to use HTML templates in a workflow without needing to include a separate library.
  • Updates library workflows so they successfully default to workflows in their current directory and you can specify different libraries for use in subdirectories.
  • Adds the advanced workflow configuration 'Ensure Single-Instance Execution' to prevent multiple concurrent executions of the workflow this option is set on.
  • Sorts workflows in alphabetical order.
  • Visually indicates disabled workflows.
  • Adds the ability to impose order for POST fields in workflow AJAX call to avoid breaking.
  • Adds workflow that correctly displays the size of the asset before you download it.
  • Adds two workflow API methods to delete groups.
  • Adds workflows to get Solr address(es).
  • Adds the ability to specify ZIP encoding so that you can expand a ZIP file via the Workflow API without getting scrambled file names.
  • Updates Workflow API to allow you to manage global descriptions for asset links so you can change the global description of a pre-existing link group.
  • Updates workflows to break into parameters so that the requests are formatted correctly based on content-type.
  • Adds the ability to pull apart multipart requests from a workflow that returns a parameter and API key.
  • Adds the ability to make updates to progress bars with the JavaScript API.
  • Allows replacing asset views for custom previews through API.
  • Updates email API so that you can send an email to multiple "to" and "cc" contacts.
  • Adds a timeout for workflows that run over 5 minutes. Includes the ability to override the 5 minute timeout with a different value both in the workflow manager and when the workflow is triggered.

Underlying Technical Improvements


  • Adds the Adobe extension installer for Windows.
  • Updates to compatibility with Adobe CC 2017.
  • Adds support for the Keynote file type.
  • Updates Aspera to the new Connect 3.6.5.

Search Engine Tech

  • Reduces the server load by allowing Enterprise Search Engine queries to time out.
  • Updates GC logs generated from Enterprise Search Engine to go into caches/Research/logs instead of <solr install dir>/logs/.
  • Upgrades Solr to current version (6.0.1)
  • Updates bulk select to use Solr instead of SQL to query for the assets.

Preview Libraries

  • Upgrades to ImageMagick version 7.
  • Updates Windows to use JMX-enabled Preview App.

SSO library

  • Improves security by updating libraries.
  • Removes Fediz Library and uses Spring Security SAML extension.

JSP technology Removal

  • Removes and converts JSP templates to GWT for multipage documents.


  • Increases security by updating to the latest version of Spring.
  • Utilizes HTTPS to transfer data for increased security.
  • Improves security by updating the built-in SSL certificate.       
  • Improves security by updating underlying software dependencies.
  • Increases security by removing guest user account from MediaBeacon.
  • Adds security to ActiveMQ.
  • Upgrades Rhino to
  • Makes MediaBeacon's broker fault tolerant so that if Core goes down, ActiveMQ-based services continue to run.
  • Improves the reliability of the ActiveMQ system.
  • Adds HTTPS support to interprocess communication
  • Adds HTTPS support to search engine


  • Improves speed of the upgrade process regardless of a high number of assets in editorial.
  • Enhances database upgrading by adding missing indexes and unique constraints, as well as deleting the ones that are not defined in database.xml.


  • Switches to MariaDB from MySQL driver to decrease licensing restrictions.
  • Configures the Chrome debugger for HTTPS using the secure websocket protocol (WSS).
  • Ends the use of the Microsoft SQL deprecated data type “image”.
  • Improves speed by updating diction field syncing to use Solr.
  • Speeds up the delete bundle assets process on systems with large databases.
  • Updates cores so that the startup of a clean MediaBeacon instance is quicker.

Removed Features

  • Removes Inherit option in group permissions (ACL).
  • Removes FTP as an output option for conversions.
  • Removes Calendar View Widget.
  • Removes the blue theme appearance option in workspaces.
  • Removes ViewLogWidget.


Enterprise File Sync and Share

  • Fixes issue where .gif files break and fail to sync when using Enterprise File Sync and Share.
  • Fixes issue where moving workflow from an internal folder to a main folder broke the workflow if you installed Enterprise File Sync and Share from a package.


  • Fixes issue with accordion components so that switching to an accordion component will un-minimize any previously minimized components so that it displays well.
  • Solves an issue where an ACL pointed to a non-index level folder causes the directory browser component to hide a subfolder named 'Renditions'.


  • Fixes issue where metric events persisted in view component on non-metrics workspaces. Now, metrics searches are cleared out when switching to non-metrics workspaces so that the events no longer display in the view components of the non-metric workspaces.
  • Removes the 'Invalidate External Access' button from the user contact information page for non-admin users.
  • Fixes issue where trying to change the size of the browser field summary panel pushes it off the screen when you shrink the browser width.
  • Consolidates locking mechanisms to reduce the locking code.


  • Fixes issue with previewing of utf16le-encoded .txt files.
  • Solves a display issue with the selection options dropdown of the preview queue.


  • Fixes a problem where the search filter component was showing integer values with an appended decimal point and a zero in the tenths place.
  • Improves copy function in Enterprise Search Engine so that files are promptly copied without queue skipping.
  • Fixes integer fields so that the Enterprise Search Engine component successfully displays values by default.
  • Fixes a problem with searching by clicking a term in a comma separated date field.
  • Fixes issue where filtering on terms in taxonomy component didn't return any synonyms.
  • Fixes issues in IME support with Quick Search in Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Now, when you are using IME and you press the spacebar to switch between candidate strings, pressing enter will accept the candidate so you can continue typing to keep entering text instead of submitting the search prematurely.


  • Fixes issue where workflow location searches did not return results.
  • Fixes a problem where moving a library workflow did not break method calls that still used the old workflow directory path.
  • Fixes the issue where workflows couldn't return object results, they could only return string results.
  • Fixes issue where user group changes didn't get reflected in workflows with the changed users API key until the session was cleared out or timed out.
  • Fixes issue where VWFE could become unusable due to panel resizing issues when resizing the browser window.
  • Fixes the issue where the asset view form sometimes does not update if a workflow changed the underlying asset. Now every time a new unapproved value is created, the form correctly updates when a workflow modifies the underlying file.
  • Fixes issue where workflow paths don't work in browser URLs. Now, the path works successfully without a 404 error.


  • Fixes issue where hiding video summary schema from an ACL didn't remove it from the dropdown in asset view. Now, the video summary form does not show up in asset view when hidden.
  • Fixes issue where InDesign report schema couldn't be hidden. Now, you can hide the document report on the ACL.


  • Increases the scope of elements affected by a form's custom CSS class.

Metadata Edit

  • Fixes the inconsistent handling of date fields between forms and SQL.
  • Fixes issue where type-ahead failed for some comma-separated cascade fields.
  • Fixes the issue where a form with JavaScript on the fields did not get evaluated when it was inside a data block.
  • Prevents users without annotation permission from adding the discussion form to asset view.
  • Fixes issue where bulk edit was allowing changes to non-overridable bundle fields. Now, bulk edit does not allow edits to non-overridable fields.

3D Viewer

  • Fixes the issue where the custom rendition in 3D Viewer doesn't download in Firefox.

Import and Export

  • Fixes the issue where bulk import and/or export did not work with duplicate entries.
  • Fixes EXIF GPS file import issues. Now, the GPS coordinates are correctly migrated to the assets XMP on upload.
  • Fixes error where scrolling over a required date field on upload/extended view produced a 'Validation error' image.
  • Completely removes loading dock options from custom conversions when they are set to not show.


  • Fixes the issue where Japanese characters were not being properly rendered from dictionaries on download.


  • Fixes issue where edit actions were being deleted from the metrics workspace after the asset was deleted. Now, you can see the placeholders for the edit actions before the asset was deleted, in addition to the delete action.
  • Fixes issue where a document report didn't exist if brand book was enabled in the license.


  • Fixes the issue where placed images in an InDesign doc were pointing to the wrong asset when using the InDesign plugin. Now, the placed image for the INDD file in MediaBeacon will link to the asset in the project.
  • Correctly sets the file format field for IDML files.
  • Fixes issue with Silicon publishing replacement issues. Now, broken links can be replaced with the actual assets and INDD notifies when the link is detected as broken, and clicking the notification pulls in the full file.

Password Reset

  • Fixes password reset bug by logging password changes in 'Admin>History' section.

2018.0 System Requirements


The following are the minimum requirements for MediaBeacon 2018.0 on a distributed system configuration with roughly 500k assets and about 200 concurrent users. MediaBeacon requires high throughput and low latency connections of no more than 1500ms for database access, 1000ms for disk access, and 5ms for connections to distributed components. These are minimum requirements, so hardware capabilities can be increased as needed.

Hardware recommendations for the production, staging, and development environments in a distributed setup are:





MediaBeacon Primary Server

16GB RAM, 8 Core CPU

8GB RAM, 4 Core CPU

4GB RAM, 2 Core CPU

Enterprise Search Engine

16GB RAM, 8 Core CPU

8GB RAM, 4 Core CPU


User Concurrency Pack

16GB RAM, 4 Core CPU (each)

8GB RAM, 4 Core CPU (each)



16GB RAM, 8 Core CPU





Operating Systems

  • Windows Server 2008 R2+
  • MacOS 10.10+

Supported Database Types

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008+
  • MySQL5.5+

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome 48+
  • Mozilla Firefox 44+
  • Safari 9.1+
  • Internet Explorer 11+
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Apple iOS9.X+
  • Android 6.0+

Compatible Versions of Third Party Integrations

  • Aspera 3.7
  • Vantage 5+ with license for Vantage Transcode, Vantage Analysis, and Metadata Conversion
  • Microsoft Office 2011+

Software Included in Installation Package

  • QuickTime x86,
  • Java JRE 8, x64, 1.8.0_45
  • Graphicsmagick, 1.3.18
  • Imagemagick, 7.0.3
  • Ghostscript, 9.14
  • Visual C++ Redistributable 2005 SP1, 8.0.56336
  • Visual C++ Redistributable and 2008, 9.0.21022
  • Flash Player 8

No Longer Supported with 2018.0

  • OracleDB
  • Internet Explorer 7-10
  • Chrome 44-47
  • Firefox 39-43
  • Safari 8-9.0

2018.0 Products and Integrations

Please contact your MediaBeacon representative for more information on the following products and integrations.

Enterprise File Sync and Share

  • Enterprise File Sync and Share for distributed teams with advanced metrics and administration.

3D Viewer

  • MediaBeacon’s 3D Viewer enables users to seamlessly interact with packaging models without the need to install software, plugins, or having to download the model. This feature works on standard browser technology and extends the experience of interactive 3D viewing to everyone.

Vantage Integration

  • Vantage is a transcoding engine from Telestream that MediaBeacon can leverage to support a wide array of broadcast-quality codecs and video formats. Requires service from Vantage.

Aspera Integration

  • Aspera is a high-speed transfer protocol that can send files 10x – 100x faster than FTP or HTTP. Requires service from Aspera.

Tridion Integration

  • MediaBeacon is integrated with the Tridion global web content management system. Requires service from Tridion.

Learn More

To learn more or request a demo of MediaBeacon 2018.0, contact us.

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