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Name Mappings Not Taking Effect

Version: 7.x, 8.x


Field name mapping is typically applied to all groups at once, using the "Default" setting.


If another group is selected when changes to name mapping are made, the "Default" settings will not apply. This will lead to disparity of name mapping between groups.

As a best practice, name mappings should always be set on the ‘Default’ group so that they apply everywhere, for all ACLs.


Below are instructions to clear name mapping made to individual groups.

This will clear all name mappings. Name mappings will have to be reapplied to the "Default" Setting

  1. Shut down MediaBeacon.
  2. Delete non-'Default' name mappings from the database
delete from j7t_name_map where j7c_group_id != 0;
  1. Delete the m-userinfo\MediaBeacon_name_map.xml file. This ensures the old configuration doesn't get synced back into the database.
  2. Start up MediaBeacon.
  3. Reset name mappings, using only the "Default" setting.
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