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Installing OpenOffice to Preview Microsoft Office Documents on MediaBeacon

Author: Levi Goeden

MB Build / Version: 8.5 v25264

Suitable for internal or external audience: Internal

Issue Description

Resolution Description

  1. Download the latest OpenOffice installer from:
    1. Run the installer and choose the default install directory
      1. This step simply extracts the install files to the file system
      2. If MediaBeacon is installed on a custom drive (not the C: drive)
        1. Choose the "Custom" install option
        2. Choose the installation directory to be on the same drive as MediaBeacon
        3. Update "OOConvert.bat" in "\MediaBeacon\bin"
          1. Uncomment the custom path option and set the custom path for the OpenOffice install directory
          2. Put Quotes around the custom path "D:\Program Files (x86)\OpenOffice 4\program"
          3. If MediaBeacon is installed in the default install directory
            1. Choose the "Typical" install option
            2. Finish the install
            3. Launch the OpenOffice application
              1. Register a user to run OpenOffice
              2. Verify the OpenOffice application launches
              3. To test, open each desired file type with OpenOffice and verify the file is opened and can be viewed with the application
              4. To enable OpenOffice for previewing in MediaBeacon
                1. Go to the Admin tab on the server GUI, check the 'Preview with external applications' box, and select the Configure button
                2. Locate "Apache Open Office" in the list of external applications and enable.
                  1. Agree to the licensing terms
                  2. Select OK on the external applications window
                  3. Select Apply on the Admin tab
                  4. Stop and restart MediaBeacon
                  5. Test the previewing in MB by uploading a file of each type to be previewed by the OpenOffice application
                    1. Open each of the file type assets in extended view and verify the file preview is correct and not the MB default icon

(2017-05-15) NOTE: The OOConvert.bat script that runs when previewing with OpenOffice cannot change directory "cd" across drives. OpenOffice must be installed on the same drive as MediaBeacon

  • Also requires fix from BT2 #201553024 if running as a service.

(2017-06-07) NOTE: When installing on a custom path, the command to start open office must have "start" at the front of the command. Uncomment the custom path at the top of the .bat and add "start" to line 45

(2017-06-21) NOTE: When installing on a remote preview server, install OpenOffice and setup the same as the core server.

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