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How to Clear the the File Action and Preview Queues

Version: 7.x, 8.x


When many items are present in the file action queue and preview queue, it may slow down other operations of MediaBeacon. In cases such as these, the queues can be cleared.

If the Preview Queue is stopped, assets that have not yet had previews generated automatically generate them. They will have to be selected and have the "Import" command with the "Regenerate Previews" option run on them.



  1. Shut down MediaBeacon.
  2. Delete all the rows from the ‘j38_preview_queue’ SQL table (your Database Administrator can help with this.)
  3. If you are further trying to stop the import of files from previous actions that are actively adding more rows to the Preview Queue, you’ll want to shutdown MediaBeacon, clear the ‘j81t_file_action_queue’ table, and then restart MediaBeacon.
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