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Using the changeWorkspace() API Method

Version: 8.0+


How to use the changeWorkspace() API Method


Create a button that will always return a user to the leftmost workspace in an ACL
  • Add the following to a Places Tree JavaScript node: parent.MBAPI.changeWorkspace('UUID');
  • Or, add the following to a HTML widget (that is NOT in iframe mode), as an onclick event in an element:<button onclick="parent.MBAPI.changeWorkspace('UUID');">Return to Landing Page</button>
  • Note: This value does not need to be "UUID", just any invalid (nonexistant uuid) entry.
Create a button to navigate to a given workspace in the current ACL
  • As above, but insert a valid ACL UUID: parent.MBAPI.changeWorkspace('2CBFA1E6-C525-47A2-ADF3-B3BEF74E1F41');
Create a button to navigate to a specific workspace in a specific ACL
  • As above, including a valid ACL UUID, and Group ID: parent.MBAPI.changeWorkspace('2CBFA1E6-C525-47A2-ADF3-B3BEF74E1F41','0_6_85C0A62C-10D1-4AE9-83DA-F1F6F8733586',0);
  • Notes:
    • Group IDs are formatted like this: 0_<groupnumber>_<groupuuid>
    • Find the group number:
      • In the groups.jps page, click the name of the group
      • The url of the next page displays the group number: https://<URL>/groupedit.jsp?groupId=6
    • Find the Group ID, Method 1:
      • 1. Download configuration via the System Status dialog.
      • 2. open MediaBeaconSharedFilesDirectory/m-userinfo/MediaBeacon_group_permissions.xml in
      • 3. search for:acl name="ACLNAMEGOESHERE"
      • 4. earlier in that field tag, you will see a CDATA tag like this: <![CDATA[0_6_85C0A62C-10D1-4AE9-83DA-F1F6F8733586]]>. The number in the brackets is the Group ID
    • Find the Group ID, Method 2
      • In the browser console, on a Web UI page, enter: parent.MBAPI.getPermission("acl_id");
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