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Using JavaScript in Upload Metaforms


Following are some example of how to use Client-Side JavaScript to extend the function of MediaBeacon's custom metaforms.


Hidden Default fields in Metaforms

Version: 8.5, 8.6

In the above builds, the combination of "UI Element List: Hidden" and a "Default Value" entered on a custom metaform field does not write metadata upon submission.



  • Change the UI Element list back the field's default setting, matching the current setting in the "Fields" tab.
  • On the field's "onShow" panel enter: theCurrentField.setVisible(false);

Write information from user's account to metadata upon upload

Version: 8.5, 8.6+

Customers often request the ability to write values from a user's profile into a field in uploaded assets. It can either be supplied as a default value or as a mandatory value.

Note: This method should only be used upload metaforms.

Implementation Description

  • Default Value
    • On the field's onShow panel, add the following code to insert a user's supplied email address: theCurrentField.setValue(;


  • Other client-side methods are also available and can be interrogated via a browser development console:
  • For more information on other fields that you can automatically insert using Client-Side JavaScript, see the "UserApiPublisher" section of the Javadocs.
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