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Using InDesign and Illustrator Files in MediaBeacon 8.x

Version: 8.x (note that screenshots represent version 8.6 only)


MediaBeacon has a few special features regarding InDesign and Illustrator documents. These types of documents:

  • Can have multiple pages
  • Can contain "placed" images
  • Reference used fonts

We will discuss how MediaBeacon handles each of these areas below.

Multipage Documents

Assets that contain multiple pages (Illustrator, InDesign, PDF) can display previews for each page. They are shown in a spread format that allows the user to zoom in to view a larger preview.


Each of these pages can be individually commented on via the comments and annotations function () in the "Discussions" metaform tab), and the user may email a link to a specific page.


There are several strategies for generating previews in InDesign, see How to Configure InDesign Previewing in MediaBeacon.

Limitations to page dimensions: Both InDesign and Illustrator files may have differently-sized pages within a single document. MediaBeacon will interpret the first page in the document as the page size for all preview images.


Document Report

InDesign and Illustrator files, which we will refer to collectively as "design files", have a special metaform associated with them. The "InDesign Report" is shown when in the asset view for both InDesign and Illustrator assets. In asset view, there are several additional pieces of information.


This area lists the color swatches defined by the document.


This area lists the fonts referenced in the document.

Placed Images

This area references images placed in the document. When the image is present in MediaBeacon, preview images will be displayed.


  • Assets may be clicked to open the asset view of an individual asset
  • Select All: Changes the current view to show all placed images and the containing InDesign document in the view widget.
  • Download All: Downloads the placed images and the containing InDesign document.

If a placed image is not present in MediaBeacon or cannot be associated, (due to a lack of metadata used in placed asset association) a warning icon will be displayed.


If an image had previously been associated with the document, but has been removed, the entry will be shown as below:


If an "Import" action is performed for an InDesign document that shows the above icon, the report will then show the "missing" icon for that asset.

MediaBeacon's ability to understand how to find files in this context relies upon metadata in the Media Management Properties. If an image does not have this metadata, such as the case when an image was downloaded from a web source, there may be no such metadata, and the linking in the InDesign Report metaform may not operate.

Used in Assets

When an asset is used in an InDesign or Illustrator document, there will be information under the "Used In Assets" metaform, showing the containing document. Double clicking it will open that asset in the asset view.


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