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Setting up S3 Integration in 2018.1

Version: 2018.1 +

This document's purpose is to detail the system properties required for Amazon S3 integration.

  1. With MediaBeacon shut down, navigate to your file and enter the properties below with appropriate values.
    1. On Windows Server 2012, this can be found in a place like the following: "C:\Users\Administrator\Appdata\local\MediaBeacon\"
    2. If you have external systems (Research, Preview, Portal, etc) make sure to place the same system properties with the same values on those systems as well.

System Properties


  • aws.accessKeyId
    • Use: the Amazon S3 access key used to access your bucket.
  • aws.secretKey
    • Use: the Amazon S3 secret key used to access your bucket.
  • aws.defaultBucket
    • Use: the default bucket you want to upload objects to.
    • Values: string.
    • Notes: there is no value set by default so you must set this on configuration.
  • aws.defaultRegion
    • Use: the default region you want to use for S3 integration.
    • Values: string.
    • Notes: there is not a value set by default in MB, but it is recommended to use something like 'us-east-2' for your region if you're unsure of what to use as the default.

2. Enable your bucket with CORS by following the steps below:

  • Navigate to your bucket in the S3 interface.
  • Click on Permissions.
  • Click on CORS Configuration.
  • Enter your CORS configuration in the text area on the page.
  • Click Save.

CORS Configuration

You must enable your bucket for CORS if necessary. The following is an example configuration that opens your bucket to be modified from any host.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

For more information on CORS and S3 visit


[image: Se-integration]

3. Start MediaBeacon.

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