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MediaBeacon University

Setting Default Workspaces

Version: 8.4, 8.5


An issue that prevents Global Admin users from rearranging workspace tabs when using an ACL that has the "Add/Remove Widgets" privilege set to "No".


  1. Menubar > Manage > System
  2. Groups Tab
  3. Click on the Group containing the affected ACL
  4. Click "Permissions"
  5. Click "Edit" on the affected ACL.
  6. Change the privilege "Add/Remove Widgets" to "Yes".
  7. Click "Done", "Save" and "Save" again.
  8. Return to Web UI, by clicking the blue banner at top of page.
  9. Fully logout and log back in.
  10. Go to affected ACL.
  11. Rearrange tabs as desired.
  12. Repeat steps 1 through 5
  13. Change the privilege "Add/Remove Widgets" Back to "No".
  14. Repeat steps 7, 8.
  15. Fully logout and log back in.

Note: Any other users will have to logout and log in to see changes.

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