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Searching for Assets in Specific Statuses

Version: 2018.x & 2019.x


A user may need to search for assets in particular "states", such as being checked out. This article lists several states and how to build searches to find them.

Status Searching with Advanced Search

  • In order to configure these searches, a Global Administrator will need to have listed fields' metaform(s) in their ACL's "Visible Metaforms" field, ideally in a "Global Administrator" group/ACL.
  • In some of the below cases, a search may not be built or edited unless there is an extant asset that has the given status being referenced. For example, the fields used for checked out assets cannot be entered in Advanced Search until such as asset exists.

Checked Out Assets

  • Assets that have been checked out by any user
    • Criteria Conjunction: [OR]
    • [Checkout Status (MediaBeacon Default)] [is not null]
    • [Checkout User (MediaBeacon Default)] [is not null]
  • Assets that have been checked out by the current user
    • [Checkout User (MediaBeacon Default)] [is] [$username]

Uploaded Assets

  • Assets that were uploaded by the current user
    • [Upload User (MediaBeacon Default)] [contains] [$username]


  • Assets that have a version
    • [Version Number (MediaBeacon Default)] [is not null]
  • Assets that do not have a version
    • [Version Number (MediaBeacon Default)] [is null]

Display Contents of Multiple Folders

This technique makes use of searches saved via the Search Status component (Status Panel Saved Searches)

  • Any asset in either of two folders
    • Criteria conjunction: [OR]
    • [directory (Database)] [is] [Folder A]
    • [directory (Database)] [is] [Folder B] 
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