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Repair Status in Preview Queue

Version: 7.x+


If, for any reason, the Preview System crashes or is terminated (e.g. Preview System server resource exhaustion causes it to be restarted by our watchdog system), assets may be found in a “Repair” status in the Preview Queue.

When this happens, the assets that were in the process of being imported at the time of termination are processed one at a time by MediaBeacon’s Preview System. After this is done, the queue returns to standard parallel processing behavior.


If desired, the standard behavior of automatically processing assets in "Repair" status may be disabled to speed startup by setting the following property. It is set in the file located on the Core and Preview servers (if there are any dedicated Preview servers in the environment).


If you enable this property, the assets that were in-flight during a crash would need to be re-submitted for previews if desired.

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