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Implementing a Custom Contact Sheet Cover Page in MediaBeacon 2018.x

Version: 2018.0, 2018.1


In previous versions of MediaBeacon, a custom contact sheet cover page (in PDF format) could be loaded into MediaBeacon in the System Setup area. In MediaBeacon 2018.x, cover pages are assigned vis system property and placing the cover page to a specific location server-side.


In MediaBeacon 2018.x, custom contact sheet cover pages can be be defined as a group specific cover page or as a fallback.

System Property

The first step is to set a system property which defines the "template location" folder, within which the system will look for cover pages.


The folder specified above is the recommended location, relative to <Shared Files Directory>/m-userinfo/.

After this property is set, MediaBeacon must be restarted.

Naming Cover Page Files

The names of PDFs residing in the "template location" directory affect their function. No restart of MediaBeacon is required when new cover pages PDF files are added or changed in this directory, as MediaBeacon checks this directory each time a catalog is made.

Default (Fallback) Cover Page

This will be used when a group has no specific pdf specified.


Group-specific Cover Page

This will be used for a given group, replacing the string "groupname".


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