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Impact of Disabling Network Adapters

Version: 8.x


Upon MediaBeacon startup, MediaBeacon processes such as Workflow Scheduler and R3Search bind to network adapters. Enabling or disabling a network adapter while MediaBeacon is running can disrupt or even break the live configuration.

Generally speaking, altering the operating system's network configuration while MediaBeacon is running is not supported unless the system property is being used, see Resolution, below.

Even in that state, the network adapter associated with that particular IP address should not be disrupted in any way while MediaBeacon is running.


  1. Use the system property to bind to a specific IP address (which is in turn associated with a given network adapter), and do not disable it while MediaBeacon is running.
  2. Shutdown MediaBeacon prior to disabling, enabling, or altering any other network adapters.
  3. If a network adapter that a MediaBeacon process may have bound a listener to is enabled or disabled while MediaBeacon is running, MediaBeacon will need to be restarted. The "Zookeeper Hosts" list (on the "R3Search" tab of the MediaBeacon "Core" server-side GUI application) should be checked to ensure the IP list is correct & consistent with the environment's R3Search settings.
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