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How to Transfer Workflows Between MediaBeacon Environments

Version: 8.x


Workflows migrated from Development to Production (or from one environment to another) are not visible in MediaBeacon’s UI Workflow panel.


Migrating workflows from one environment to another is not as simple as copying the Workflow from one environment to another. The following steps are required to complete this process:

  1. Copy the Workflow folder, which can be found inside of MB Assets > Renditions, from the source environment to the target environment.
  2. In the MediaBeacon Web UI, navigate to the Workflow Manager: Manage > Workflow.
  3. Once in the Workflow Manager, hold down the "Shift" key, click on "Add" to add an Advanced Workflow.
  4. The "Create New" dialog box will appear.
  5. Name the workflow "Import Workflows", and, select "Advanced:, and click "Create".
  6. Copy and paste the following code into the code window:
// ImportWorkflows.js
// Set "Required File System Access" and "Enable Client-Side Triggering", then click "Trigger Workflow"
var ImportWorkflow = function()
   var aPath = "Renditions/Workflows";
   var aFolder = new ManagedFolder(aPath);
   var anImportParameters = new ImportParameters();
   fileManager.folderImport(aFolder, anImportParameters);
  1. After completing Step 6, enable "Requires File System Access" as well as "Enable Client-Side Triggering". Save the selections. (If you receive a Warning dialog re: C3ntrifuge, click "Continue").
  2. As a final step, to finish creating the Workflow you need to run the Workflow by clicking "Trigger Workflow". After triggering the Workflow, to ensure that the creation of the new workflow was successful, you can view the Workflow Log to make sure it ran properly.
  3. The new workflow is now ready for use.
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