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How to Re-deploy Aspera Manually Without License Reactivation

MB Build / Version: 8.4 25404


Deploying via license re-activation may change certain properties within MediaBeacon. This may cause trouble for highly customized environments. In order to avoid/minimize this, one can follow the below steps.


  1. From the mediabeacon/packages/installed/ folder locate the file
  2. Move the folder to the mediabeacon/packages/uninstall/ folder.
  3. Wait a few min while the system processes, it will detect the file in the uninstall folder and kick off removing all its associated files
  4. Once that is completed the folder should be in the mediabeacon/packages/uninstall/uninstalled folder
  5. Move the file to the mediabeacon/packages/ folder (just the base packages folder, not installed or anything), or place a new .zip to be deployed (if a new version was sent via help system for example)
  6. Again wait a few min and MediaBeacon will identify the file and process it, the zip will be moved to the /installed/ folder
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