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Configuring SSL Certificates In Jetty

On occasion, it may be preferred to use the built-in Jetty web service instead of Tomcat for web connectivity. In these instances, certain system properties will need to be set in in order for Jetty to recognize the server’s SSL certificate for use.

Version:8.6, 2018.0+


  1. Shut down MediaBeacon, if running.
  2. Navigate to the local user folder where the file is located
    1. Typically C:\Users\AppData\Local\MediaBeacon
    2. Note: Hidden files and folders will need to be shown.
  3. Open in a text editor (Notepad++ is recommended).
  4. Append the following code to the bottom of the document:
    # SSL Certificate
  5. Save the file.
  6. Open the MediaBeacon Server GUI Application.
    1. Under the sharing tab, click the Change Web button.
  7. On the window that pops up, make sure the "Use secure connection (HTTPS)" is checked and select "Make MediaBeacon the main web service (Port 443)".
  8. Start MediaBeacon
    1. "Admin" Tab in MediaBeacon Serve GUI Application.
    2. Test by entering the expected URL into a browser.


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