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Clarifai® Connector

The MediaBeacon Clarifai® Connector allows assets in MediaBeacon to be tagged automatically. Images or videos in MediaBeacon can be triggered to send automatically or manually to Clarifai® for tagging. The assets will be returned with suggested keywords, along with a confidence score for each term.

Version: 2018.0+

Installation and Configuration

The MediaBeacon Clarifai® Connector is installed via a licensed package.

Once the package is installed, configure the connection.

  1. In the MediaBeacon Web UI, in Admin > Workflows, navigate to the following workflow:
    1. Workflow Name: ClarifaiManager
    2. For the workflow settings, set these Properties to be relevant to your system and installation.
    3. The properties that can be set include:
      1. API Key (required).
      2. Enabling the Clarifai integration.
      3. Choosing the mode prediction mode – general, custom, or both.
      4. Setting the minimum probability for keywords to be returned.
      5. Enabling video predictions.
      6. Enabling writing to Dublin Keywords.
      7. Defining which custom model to use.


How to Trigger Asset Tagging

Tagging can be triggered automatically or manually.

  1. Automatically: The standard workflow triggers can be used to automate tagging of the asset.
    Note: When an asset is re-imported and new previews are generated, the asset is re-sent for keyword predictions.
  2. Manually: The "Collect Predictions" box can be checked in the asset metaform to manually trigger tagging of the asset.

Once the asset has been run through Clarifai®, the results will appear in the Keywords field, if writing to Dublin Keywords is not disabled via workflow property. They will also populate the Values field, along with the relevancy score. Keywords may be manually removed and added in this form.


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