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AdobeĀ® Connector

The MediaBeacon Adobe® Connector allows users to search for and export digital assets from the DAM directly into their Adobe creative tool interface. Users can upload digital assets back into the DAM as a new asset or as a new version of an existing asset. Requires Creative Cloud 2018 or newer and works with InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere.

Version: 2018.0


MediaBeacon Login > Manage > External Plugins

  • To install the Adobe Connector plugin, login to MediaBeacon and navigate to Manage > External Plugins.
  • In the window that appears, click Download under the Adobe Connector heading.
  • Once the Installer has downloaded, follow the directions below for your operating system.
    • Mac: Double click the .dmg file to open it, and then double click to complete the install process.
      Note: If a box pops up that says '"" can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer', click "OK". Then, open your system settings and select "Security and Privacy". Under the General tab, you should see a message that '"" was blocked from opening because it is not from an identified developer.' Click the "Open Anyway" button to the right of the message to continue the installation.
    • Windows: Click through the Windows installer just like any other Windows installer.
  • To connect MediaBeacon to your Adobe application, copy your MediaBeacon URL.
    • Note: You need to include the http:// or https:// in the URL.
    • Open the Adobe application you would like to connect to MediaBeacon.
      • Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Premiere are supported.
      • In the Adobe application, Navigate to the header menu Window > Extensions > MediaBeacon
      • The MediaBeacon Connector window should then appear.
      • Paste your MediaBeacon URL into the URL field (including http:// or https://) and login using your MediaBeacon credentials.
      • The MediaBeacon Adobe Connector will appear and you can start using the search function.
    • ACL's
    • The ACL picker will restrict the assets available in the Adobe Connector to the assets that are available in the MediaBeacon ACL.adobe-acl.png

User Guide

After you have installed the MediaBeacon Adobe Connector, it will be available like any other "Window" item in your Adobe application.

Login and Logout

  • You can view the logged in MediaBeacon user and logout in the user menu dropdown of the Adobe connector.


  • The search bar in the connector will execute searches that are analogous to running a quick search in MediaBeacon.
    Note: The ACL picker will restrict the assets available in the Adobe Connector to the assets that are available in the MediaBeacon ACL.
  • The X button appears when a search has been entered. Click on the X to clear the search.
  • Logging out removes cached user and asset data.

Open Files in Photoshop

  • Click or drag an asset into Photoshop from the connector window to download the file from MediaBeacon and open it in Photoshop.

Open Files in InDesign/Illustrator

  • Drag other files into the connector (.jpg, .png, etc) to download the assets from MediaBeacon and add them to the open InDesign/Illustrator document.
  • Click or drag InDesign/Illustrator files (.indd/.ai) from the connector to download the file and any placed images that are in MediaBeacon and open the file into the open InDesign/Illustrator document.

Open Files in Premiere

  • Click a video file from the connector to download the file to use in Adobe Premiere.
    Note: In Premiere, files cannot be uploaded back into MediaBeacon through the connector, but they can be added to MediaBeacon via the typical upload method.

Upload/Export PDF

  • The Upload and Export PDF buttons are visible on saved local Illustrator/InDesign/Photoshop files.
  • Upload uploads the active file into MediaBeacon
    • Illustrator/InDesign files will also have their linked files uploaded.
    • Export PDF converts the active file into a pdf and uploads it into MediaBeacon.
      • Illustrator/InDesign files will also have their linked files uploaded and linked to the uploaded pdf at this time.

Upload New Version

  • The Upload New Version button is available on assets downloaded from MediaBeacon through the connector.
  • Click this button to upload the active document as a new version in MediaBeacon.
  • Versions are visible in the Managed Versions metaform in MediaBeacon.

Adobe Connector: Updating Linked Assets


Update Button:

  • The update button can appear for several reasons
    • An asset has been modified in MB
      • Moved
      • New Version
      • Replaced
      • Deleted
    • A linked asset doesn't exist locally
      • Another user has sent you just and .indd/.ai file and that file has links to MB assets. In this case your document will have broken links because the files don't exist on your file system. Clicking the update button will resolve the missing links by downloading the assets from MB and fixing the links in the document.

Updating a link to an asset that has been removed from the DAM

  • An update to a removed file with removed the file from your file system, but will not removed the link from the document. This will appear as a broken link in the document.
  • Deleted links are left in the document so the user knows where the removed asset existed before the update. If this wasn't the case, it could be difficult to determine where a removed file used to exist in the document.


  • Update appears


  • Several actions have been performed on the assets linked in your document


  • Click "Update" and choose the actions you want to perform.
    • In this example "Update All" was clicked then "Update"


  • Once completed all links should be fixed, except DAM assets that were removed
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