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Admin Mode Layout Zone Visual Aid


It can be difficult to find the layout dropzones when arranging widgets on a workspace. Here is some CSS to aid in the visual finding of the drop zone when in Admin Mode.


Add the following CSS to a Custom Theme. It is not necessary to keep this code in the theme after initial setup has been completed.

.admin-mode .layout-dropzone {box-sizing: border-box; border: 4px solid #000;}
.admin-mode .headerContainer .layout-dropzone {border-color: cornflowerblue;}
.admin-mode .leftContainer .layout-dropzone {border-color: tomato;}
.admin-mode .centerContainer .layout-dropzone {border-color: orange;}
.admin-mode .rightContainer .layout-dropzone {border-color: lightgreen;}
.admin-mode .footerContainer .layout-dropzone {border-color: fuchsia;}
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