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Video Edit View


The Video Edit View widget allows users to create edited clip sequences on a timeline, save timelines as assets, or export them as playlists. By default, the Video Edit View widget will only display video and timeline assets.


Main Features

Common Controls

Please see the View widgets section for a description of interface elements common to all View widgets.

Adding Clips to the Timeline

Clips can be added to the timeline by simply dragging and dropping them. They can also be reordered using drag-and-drop.


Adjusting In/Out Points

Once a clip has been dropped, it will expand to fill the timeline. To adjust the in and out points, simply drag the handles on either end of the clip.


Use the pop-up controls for additional functions:

  • Go to the start of the clip. Go to the end of the clip. Bump in/out point backward. Bump in/out point forward. Create a reference clip.

Reference Clips

Creating a reference clip will make a QuickTime reference movie using the specified in/out points, which will appear in the "Video Clips" M3TAForm. If a M3TAForms widget is configured in the same workspace, these reference clips can be dragged onto the timeline and used like normal video assets.


Save Timeline as Asset

To transcode a timeline of clips into a standalone video asset, choose "Save Timeline as Asset." The conversion dialog box will appear, allowing the user to pick appropriate transcode settings.


Save Timeline as Metadata Asset

To save the timeline as a metadata asset, choose "Export Timeline." This will create an .xmpvt asset, which can be loaded back into the timeline later on.


Timeline assets can also be loaded into the Video Playback widget and used as a playlist.



Widget Configuration

  • Common Configuration: Please see the View widgets section for a description of interface elements common to all View widgets.
  • Fields Displayed Below Asset: This menu allows various metadata fields to be displayed below the asset preview.
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