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Calendar View


The Calendar View widget is for viewing and stamping date-related information into assets.


Each Calendar View widget is configured to display a specific date field, and asset thumbnails will appear on the date they have set for that field. For example, if the calendar is set up for Expiration Date, assets will appear on the days they expire. Clicking the left and right arrows will cycle between months. Clicking an asset thumbnail will open its Asset View.

Assets that don't have a date set for the field Calendar View is configured to use will not appear.

To stamp a new date into a group of assets, simply select them (either on the calendar or in the text view) and drop them onto the new date.





Widget Configuration

  • Import/Export/Bulk Select Options: Turns on import/export/bulk select functionality in Calendar View. Please see "Import/Export and Bulk Select" for more details.
  • Capture current widget settings and lock: This option locks the current column widths so that they aren't draggable by other users.
  • Row To Display: This is the number of rows that will display. By default, MediaBeacon will display as many rows as possible in the browser window.
  • Width: This sets a fixed width for the widget in pixels.
  • Preview Size: This controls the height of the rows and asset thumbnails.
  • Date Sort Field: This is the date field that Calendar View will use to filter the assets displayed. Date fields must be indexed with SQL to appear in this list. Assets without a value set in this field will not appear in Calendar View. If assets are dragged from one date to another, the new date will be stamped into this field.
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