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Selection Menu

Selections Overview

Selections are a way of creating an arbitrary collection of assets which can be manipulated, copied, downloaded, etc. To make a selection, simply drag a band around the desired assets.


Selections can be added to or subtracted from by holding "Shift" while clicking or dragging.


The number of selected assets appears on the right side of the Selection menu button. It shows the total number of assets selected, even across multiple pages and directories.


Selection Menu

The "Selection" menu contains a variety of selection-based functions. Some of these options aren't available unless assets are selected.


Bulk Edit

Bulk Edit lets users apply metadata changes to all assets in the current selection. See "Bulk Edit: User" for more details.


Downloads the selected assets via the Loading Dock. See the Conversions widget for a discussion of available download options.


Moves or copies the selected assets to a new location.


Deletes the selected assets.


Reimport the selected assets. If "Regenerate Web Previews" is checked, MediaBeacon will recreate the assets' previews. Note that video assets are unaffected by this option. To regenerate video transcodings, check the "Regenerate Video Transcodings" checkbox, or use "Resubmit" in the "Selection" menu.


Link Assets

Linking assets is a way of associating a group of assets with a single asset or an entire group of assets with each other. Linked assets will appear in the "Asset Links" metadata panel.

To link a single or group of assets to a single asset, select the group of assets and drag them onto the asset to be linked to. A link icon will appear under the pointer to indicate that a link will be made on drop.


Click "Link Assets."


The selected group of assets is now linked to the single asset.

To link every asset in a group to every other asset in the group, select the assets and choose "Link Assets" from the "Selections" menu.


Enter a name for the linked group and descriptions for individual links if desired. Click "Link Assets."


The linked assets will now appear in the "Asset Links" panel. The global link description will be the title of the link group and individual descriptions will appear below individual assets.Clicking "Show in view widget" will display all the linked assets in the view widget as well as the original asset.

Additionally, in the "Asset Links" panel, new links may be added via the New Link button. Any additional links created this way are added to this panel in the "Ungrouped Assets" section.


This option allows users to email assets or asset links to other people.

Attaching an asset to an email will trigger JavaScript on Download.


Select All

Selects all the assets in the current folder. If folder transparency is turned on, this function will select all assets in the sub-folders as well. See the "View Widgets" section for a discussion of folder transparency.

Clear Selection

Deselects all currently selected assets.


Displays the current selection in the View widget.


Loads a previously saved selection into the View widget. See the Saved Selection widget for a discussion of the resulting dialog.


Adds selection to a previously saved selection.

Add To Cart

Adds the selected assets to a Cart in the current workspace.

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