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MediaBeacon University

Menu Bar

The Menu Bar contains frequently-used functions for easy access by the user. If desired, the Menu Bar can be hidden through workspace configuration.

Home Button

The Home Button resets the current search and directory. When pressed, this button takes the user to the index-level directory of the current ACL and removes all search filters.


Navigate Menu

This menu is used to navigate to different workspaces. It will not be displayed if the active workspace contains a Navigation widget.

Fast ACL Switch

This menu displays the current ACL. To switch to a different ACL, simply choose it from the dropdown menu. ACL selection is also available as a widget.


User Icon and Name

Clicking the user name on the right-hand side of the menu bar allows a user to edit their contact information.


Change Language

This menu displays the list of available translations of the MediaBeacon web interface. To switch to a different language, simply choose it from the list. Translations include English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (European and Brazilian), Mandarin, and Traditional Chinese (zh_TW).


User Icon

Click the Icon Pulldown:


Choose your image:


The custom image will displayed next to the username in the menu bar.


Invalidate External Access

This will invalidate the current user's API tokens issued for external access (M4sterPlan, Publishing Plug-in, etc).

Change Password

This will change the current user's password.


This will log the user out of MediaBeacon.

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