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Discussion Panel

Main Feature

This panel is available in the "Discussion" tab in Asset View. It allows users to attach Comments and Annotations to an asset, similar to forum-style posts. There are two kinds of posts:


This style of post is a textual note, marked with the time it was added and the name of the user who created it. To create a Comment, simply enter text in the Text Entry field below the list of posts, and click Save. Each Comment will be contained in a tile with an orange bar to its left, and arranged in ascending order according to the time of the post.



This type of note is similar to Comments, except that a graphical frame - drawn on the large asset preview - is associated with the note. Annotation's post tiles have a blue bar to its left and the frame associated with the post may be highlighted by mousing over the annotation's post tile.

The post tile associated with an annotation frame will have its bar to the left expand in width when the corresponding annotation frame is hovered over.

To create an Annotation post, click and drag on the asset preview to begin drawing a frame. Once the frame is the desired size, click again to set the frame. The frame can be moved by mousing inside the frame (where the cursor will change to the move cursor) and dragging, and can be resized by mousing to the lower right corner (where the cursor will change to an angled arrow) and dragging. Once the frame is sized to the user's liking, enter text in the Text Entry field, and click Save.

Editing Posts

A user may edit their own posts by double-clicking the post to edit, and after altering the original post text, clicking Save.

Replying to Posts

Click the arrow in the lower right-hand corner of a post's tile, and the Text Entry field will be highlighted. The name of the original post's author will be automatically entered, proceeded by an @ symbol. The user enters their comment after this text and clicks Save.

All Comments vs. Current Page Comments For Multiple Page Asset

If an asset has multiple pages, such as a PDF file, two discussion modes are available. The first will display all comments on the asset. The second will only display comments made on the current page.


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