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Create Menu and Dialogs


The dialogs in this menu deal with creating something new. These dialogs are typically used by both General Users and Group Administrators.


This dialog is used to upload files to MediaBeacon.


A user can select one or more files to upload, and upload to the standard (dated) directory, or the current directory listed in Directory Browser. An optional checkbox allows .zip files to uploaded without being decompressed.Once "Upload" is pressed, the Notification Center shows the overall progress of the upload process.


Once the upload is complete, the user is given the option to see the uploaded file(s) by clicking the text in the Notification Center upload bar.


Data Asset

This dialog allows the user to create new blank assets in either XMP or generic format. This file is created in the directory that the Directory Browser widget is currently showing.



Saves the current selection so that it can be reloaded later. See the Saved Selection widget for a discussion of the resulting dialog.

New Workspace

See the Workspaces Section for a description of this function.

Contact Sheet

This option generates a contact sheet for a selection of assets. The PDF contains a title page, thumbnails that link to the MediaBeacon assets, and specified metadata fields.

For instructions on creating a custom title page, please see "Manage Menu > System > Groups > Group Interface Customization" in the Administrator Manual.


  • Summary: This creates a contact sheet that includes particular fields, which can be selected from the dropdown menus.
  • Schema: This creates a contact sheet with all available fields from selected schemas.
  • Detail: This creates a contact sheet with all available fields from the database.
  • Catalog Title: This is the title that will be displayed on the first page of the contact sheet.
  • Description of Catalog: This is the description that will be displayed on the first page of the contact sheet.
  • Include the file name on each asset: Check this box to have each asset's file name included on the contact sheet. Deselect this option to remove file names from the contact sheet.
  • Create high resolution PDF for print: Check this box to generate a high-resolution contact sheet.
  • Add bar codes to output for scanners: This option will generate barcodes that are associated with each asset.
  • Order by: This allows the creator to sort the assets in the contact sheet by a field they specify. Additionally, assets can be sorted ascending or descending based on the user's selection.
  • Add barcodes to output for scanners: This generates unique barcodes below each asset in the contact sheet.


  • Click "Create" to generate the contact sheet.
  • To save the current settings for future contact sheets, click "Save." To load previously saved settings, select them from the column at right.

External Link

See "Email External Download Link" in the Directory Browser widget section.

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