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Compound Assets

MediaBeacon has additional options for managing InDesign and PowerPoint files.


MediaBeacon keeps track of the full structure of InDesign files and their related assets. To access an InDesign file's document report, open it in asset view and navigate to the Indesign Report M3TAForm.


Indesign Report shows the colors, fonts, and placed images used in the InDesign document, as well as the full document text. To see an individual page, choose it from the page thumbnails on the bottom. Colors, fonts, placed images, and text are available here as well. Use the discussion feature to give feedback on particular pages. For more information on discussions, see the "Discussions Subpanel" section.

Tracking Asset Relationships

To view an asset that's been used in the InDesign document, click "Open in New Window" in the document report.

To see what InDesign documents a particular asset has been used in, check the "Used in Assets" tab in the asset's Asset View.


If a PDF is generated from an InDesign document, the InDesign document will show under "Parent" in the "Automatic Versions" tab of the PDF.



MediaBeacon lets users preview PowerPoint presentation and creates a storyboard of the content. To view this storyboard, open the PowerPoint presentation in Asset View.

The presentation's slides will now display. To view an individual slide, choose it from the thumbnails at the bottom. Each slide has its own discussion thread that can be viewed by choosing the view comments on current page.


Users can download all or one of the slides, depending on what they need. To only download one of the slides select its thumbnail, then hover the mouse over the slide and click the download button that appears in the bottom right corner of the slide.

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