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Bulk Edit

The Bulk Edit Dialog allows the user to change metadata for entire asset selections. The user makes an asset selection and chooses Bulk Edit from the Selection menu or from the Contextual menu.


Main Features

Metadata Tabs Bar


This bar holds all the available metadata tabs. The user may scroll through the list.

Metadata Entry


This panel, just below the tabs bar, will populate with the fields of the chosen schema allowing the user to enter values.

Field Operators

To the right of each field, pulldown menus will show a list of operators. Not all operators will appear on each field:


  • No Action: No change will be made to the current values.
  • Add: Adds the entered term those already present. Useful for fields that can hold multiple values, such as Keywords.
  • Delete: Removes the entered value, but does not remove any other values. Useful for fields that can hold multiple values, such as Keywords.
  • Clear Field: Removes all values.
  • Replace: Replaces all values with the entered value.

Summary Panel


This subpanel displays a list of all the currently modified fields along with the operator used in each case. The are sorted by schema in spin-open panels. Each field in the summary panel can be clicked, which will display the corresponding schema tab and field in the metadata entry panel.

Make Stamp

Clicking this button will save the current parameters to a XMP Stamp. Please see the M3TAForms Stamper widget for a description of using saved stamps.

Write Metadata to (N) Assets

This button will perform the bulk edit on the asset selection. A confirmation dialog will be displayed, allowing the user to Cancel or Write Metadata. A progress bar is then displayed to show the progress of the write action.

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