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The Syndication widget is used to display newsfeeds, file events, assets, previews, and metadata. Multiple copies of this widget may be placed in the workspace, each with its own unique configuration.


Main Features

Feed Items Subpanel

Each entry in the widget corresponds with an item in the source newsfeed. Each may be clicked to open the item URL in the browser, and may be individually spun open to reveal the item contents.


Expand/Contract All Button


This button will spin open all items in the feed.

View Full Feed Button


This button will open the feed in the user's default RSS reader, usually the user's current browser.



Widget Configuration

  • Source URL: Enter the feed URL here.
  • Max Items: Only active for RSS feeds. This limits the number of feed items that the widget will display. The upper limit is 100 items.
  • Expand Feed items: This toggles the display of multiple newsfeed items as compressed or expanded by default.
  • "Is the description RSS description element HTML?" Checkbox: If the content of this part of the feed is in HTML, checking this box will allow it to be viewed as rendered HTML, and not raw code. This option is visible when a RSS feed is entered as the Source URL.
  • Preview Area: This area shows a preview of the feed, listing how many items are currently available.
  • "Publish this widget for other users to use?" Subpanel: Click this checkbox to enable the current feed as a new widget under Syndication widgets area in Manage Widgets.
  • "Module description shown with the published widget": An option for published widgets, this text will accompany the published widget.
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