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System Status

System Status aggregates useful information for system administrators.



This allows administrators to run tests on the MediaBeacon environment to gauge the health and performance of the system. Tests may be run in segments with the "Run Tests" buttons, or all at once via the "Run All Tests" button.


This displays workflow actions that are currently processing.

File Action Queue

This displays non-workflow system actions that are processing and pending.

Preview Queue

The Preview Queue shows the current list of assets being processed by the preview system. Assets may be reprioritized by choosing the arrows to change the Priority level between Low, Normal, High and Maximum.Assets may be edited in bulk by first selecting them and then clicking the down arrow next to the top-most checkbox.


Assets in the queue can be filtered by name or asset ID. Checking the "Only Video Assets" box will only display queued videos.


API Keys

This tab allows the administrator to create new API keys as well as see the existing ones. User names, Names, and Expiration Dates can all be configured here by double-clicking in each field.


Asset Feeds

This tab indicates any feeds that are sending assets to your local MediaBeacon. It shows the feed's status, URL, and any error messages associated.



This tab shows statistics for various parts of the system. Including information about assets, users and actions.


The log tabs mirror the logs available in the MediaBeacon server application.

Preview System

Contains logging for the core MediaBeacon preview system, if enabled. Remote preview servers store their own logs.


Contains logging for communication between the MediaBeacon core and remote components, such as webheads, etc.


Contains logging for the main MediaBeacon JVM.


Logs HTTP requests in the built-in web server.

Web Server

Contains logging for the built-in Jetty web interface.


Contains all workflow logging.


Contains logging for the core R3Search instance.

Download Configuration

This starts a .zip download of the system's logs and m-userinfo folders as well as and workflows.txt (a text file which contains all the workflow data along with hashes for the Javascript and the entire set of data itself).


Profiling is resource-intensive, and is off by default. If you need to enable it, please contact MediaBeacon Support.

Profiling data provides insight into system performance. Administrators can see what calls are being made to the system and sort them by time, user, and method. Clicking "Refresh" will update the process list.


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