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Asset Contextual Menu

The asset contextual menu contains many useful options. Right-click an asset in the view widget to access it.


  • Open in New Window: This will open an asset's Asset View. The asset itself will be displayed alone in its own view widget.
  • Copy Link to Asset: This will copy a link to the clipboard that will go directly to the specified asset. If the browser doesn't support clipboard access, a dialog box will display with the link so that it can be copied manually.
  • Quick Download: This will download the asset in its original non-converted form, bypassing the Loading Dock.
  • Download: This sends the asset to the Loading Dock, after a conversion has been specified.
  • Selection: This sub-menu mirrors the options in the "Selections" menu, described above.
  • View Original: This displays the asset at full size in the browser window. Depending in browser settings, the image may be reduced to fit into the browser window, and will need to be magnified to be seen at 100%.
  • Replace: This allows users to replace the asset with a new one, while maintaining the metadata.
  • Crop: This will open a dialog allowing users to crop the image, and sends the asset to the Loading Dock, after a conversion has been specified. The original image is not affected by this function.
  • History: This will open a dialog that shows any transactions that have occurred for that asset.
  • Check Out: Please consult the "Check Out" section to learn more.
  • New Version: Please consult the "New Version" section to learn more.
  • Views: This opens a dialog that allows the user to replace specific previews.
  • File type specific options: Some types of files have contextual menu options specific to their type. For example, video assets have the Resubmit option to regenerate the video's transcodings.
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