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Upload HTML


The Upload HTML widget is intended as a customizable drop zone where users can drag-and-drop files to upload them.


To upload, simply drag-and-drop files onto the widget. Files will be uploaded into the standard upload directory.


Users can also click the widget to be presented with the upload dialog.




The Upload HTML widget configuration is nearly identical to the regular HTML widget. Please see the "HTML: Admin" section for a full description of the editor.

Drag & Drop Upload Config

  • Upload to the Standard Directory: This option puts uploaded files in "Upload/(user)/(timestamp)".
  • "Upload to Index/": This option lets administrators set a custom upload directory for this widget.

Note that in this case, the "Index/" directory refers to the ACL root path of the configuring user, not the end user. Make sure the target directory lies within the rooth path of intended end users

  • M3TAForms Required for Upload: This lets administrators set a mandatory M3TAForm panel for users to fill out.
  • Enable Custom Drag and Drop Content: This is a separate HTML layout that will be activated when users have dragged content onto the widget, but before they drop it. This html will overlay the html designated in the main panel
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