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Search Status


The Search Status widget displays the search and filter terms that are currently applied to the View widget. This widget is may be displayed as a widget or as a Menu Bar item.



Main Features

  • List of Terms: Each term is listed as a tile that can be removed by clicking the "X" icon on the right side of each tile.
  • Advanced Operators: The words "AND" or "OR" are listed between terms to show how terms intersect to produce results.Clicking "AND" or "OR" will change it to the alternative option for quick search altering.
  • Saving Searches: The disk icon on the right of the widget will save the current search status, which can be loaded in the Saved Search widget or in the Advanced Search Dialog.Search Bundle assets may also be created.


  • Viewing full Terms in Menu Bar mode: If many searches are present, the values may be truncated from view. To view them in full, click the Show Full Status (v) button, and the Search Status dialog will be shown.


  • Total asset count of current view: The far right of the Search Status widget displays the total number of assets that are present in your current view.



Widget Configuration

  • Menu Bar Mode: This checkbox toggles whether the widget is displayed as a normal widget, or in the Menu Bar. A shortcut to toggling this control is to drag the Quick Search widget into the Menu Bar. In Menu Bar mode, the Options icon is displayed to the left of the Advanced Search icon.
  • Truncate Values: This option will collapse long values and display them with an ellipsis in the middle.
  • Show Save Search Button: This option allows a save search icon to be hidden or shown next to the Search Status.
  • Show Current Selection Count: This option will display the current number of selected assets. This only appears when Menu Bar Mode is not selected.
  • Show Field Names: This option toggles the display of the field name of a given field in the Search Status window.
  • Show Advanced Operators: This option will toggle the display of Advanced Operators ("AND" or "OR"). If unchecked, administrators can choose what order they would like fields to display in.
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