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The M3TAForm widget allows the user to view and edit the metadata of assets without going into the Asset View or Bulk Edit dialogs. Multiple copies of this widget may be placed in the workspace, each set to a given metadata schema.


Main Features

Showing Schema Metadata

Each instance of this widget is configured to reference a given schema. The title bar shows the name of the schema, and the main panel shows the fields present within that schema.

Single Asset Selected - Tagging Assets

When a single asset is chosen in the View widget, the main panel shows any metadata present, and allows the user to add or change any values. Once changes have been made, they must be applies by clicking the Save button. A progress bar will then appear, indicate the completion status of the task.

Multiple Assets Selected - Bulk Edit

When a selection of assets is made in the View widget, no individual values are shown in the main panel; instead the widget enters a bulk edit mode, showing a pull-down menu to the right of each field. This bulk edit menu will apply one of a variety of actions to a given field, for the entire asset selection:

MF2.png Append_Option.png

  • No Action: No change will be made to the current values.
  • Add: Adds the entered term to those already present. Useful for fields that can hold multiple values, such as Keywords.
  • Delete: Removes the entered value, but does not remove any other values. Useful for fields that can hold multiple values, such as Keywords.
  • Clear Field: Removes all values.
  • Replace: Replaces all values with the entered value.
  • Append: String fields have the option to append information to the end of any existing information in the string.



Widget Configuration

  • Select a M3TAForm: Any available schema may be chosen here to use in the widget.
  • Hide M3TAForm fields until an asset(s) are selected: This option will collapse the widget unless an asset is actually selected.
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