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Log Reports


The Log Reports widget allows a user to view log transactions, and filter the results by many different criteria.


Main Features

Filter Criteria

  • Each filter can be used in concert with the others.
  • Asset: Filters entries list by Asset ID.
  • User: Filter by actions performed by a given user.
  • Group: Filter by actions performed by a given group.
  • Date Range (From / To): Filter transactions after, before, or between given dates.
  • Action: Filters entries by the type of transaction performed. Full list below.
  • Sort Order Bar: This bar allows the user to sort results by five different criteria; Date, Asset ID, User, Action and Description

Export to CSV

  • This button outputs a comma-separated file of the current results set.
  1. The Asset IDs displayed in the "Asset" column are clickable hyperlinks.

Tracked Actions

These are the actions and corresponding user activity that can be tracked in the Log Reports widget.

Note: If a user triggers a workflow, the actions performed by the workflow will be listed under the "system" user.

Also, if a user belongs to multiple groups, all actions performed by that user will be listed when filtering by any one of their groups. For example, the user "Matt" belongs to Groups 1, 2, and 3. If Matt downloads an asset while in Group 3, that download action will still be listed when filtering by Group 1 or 2.

  • Check In: Checking in an asset.
  • Checkout: Checking out an asset.
  • Check Status: Deprecated in MediaBeacon 6.x and later.
  • Comment: Adding a comment to an asset.
  • Copy: Copying an asset or folder from one location to another.
  • Delete: Deleting an asset.
  • Deny: Action is denied by an "Approvals" user.
  • Download: All downloads, including Quick Download, Loading Dock conversions, and video playback in the web interface.
  • Duplicate: Duplicating an asset through "Duplicate Selection" or duplicating a folder through "Duplicate folder."
  • Edit: Editing metadata values for assets, either one at a time or through Bulk Edit.
  • E-mailing of Asset: Emailing an asset.
  • Export: Data is written to an asset from the database.
  • Failed Log in: Entering the correct username, but incorrect password.
  • Generate PDF: Creating a Contact Sheet PDF, either through a selection or through the Cart widget.
  • Import: Data is imported to the database from an asset.
  • Lock: A username is locked.
  • Log in: Logging in to the system at the specified IP address.
  • Move: Moving an asset from one directory to another.
  • New: Creating a new placeholder asset or creating a new directory.
  • Rename: Renaming an asset or directory.
  • Replace: Replacing an asset.
  • Resubmit: Resubmitting a video for processing.
  • Unlock: A username is unlocked.
  • Update: A username is updated.
  • Upload: Uploading an asset through drag-and-drop upload or the upload menu option.
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