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Loading Dock Status


The Loading Dock Status widget allows users to download assets they've converted into other formats.

When assets are processing, each individual asset tile will show a progress bar indicating conversion progress.


Main Features

Loading Dock Function Buttons


Download All: This will download all assets in the Loading Dock to the browser's default location on disk.

Remove All: This will clear the contents of the Loading Dock.

Email All: This will send all the Loading Dock assets to an email address as an attachment. Email details are filled in as normal, and the "Attachment" checkbox toggles attaching the contents of the Loading Dock.


  • Download History: This toggles display of the Download History.
  • FTP All: This option will connect to and deposit the contents of the loading dock to a remote FTP site.


  • Note: Remove All, Download All, and Email All are available in the "Loading Dock Actions" menu.

Rollover Options

Two icons are shown on an asset tile when moused over:


  • Clear this Asset: The red "X" icon will remove only this asset from the Loading Dock.
  • Download this Asset: The green arrow icon downloads only this asset to the browser's default location.

Loading Dock in Notification Center

Collected conversions are available in the Notification Center and actions normally done in the Loading Dock can be done from any workspace.

Automatic Download After Conversion Complete:

A conversion can be configured by an administrator to download automatically after the conversion is completed. In this case, the conversion will not appear in the Loading Dock.



When a user downloads an asset using the "Download" function, MediaBeacon will switch to the leftmost workspace in the ACL that contains a Loading Dock widget. If no such workspace exists, a warning message will appear:


Clicking "Create" will create a workspace containing only a Loading Dock Status widget.

Widget Configuration

  • Display loading dock items conversion logs: This option toggles the display of log information in each asset's tile, under the asset preview, and above the filename.
  • Show Loading Dock History: This option allows the user to view the Loading Dock History.
  • Set Default Download Name: This lets administrators set the default name of any set of assets downloaded through the Loading Dock.
  • Enable Javascript on Direct Download: This option will execute Javascript pasted into the box below every time assets are downloaded from the Loading Dock.
  • Destination Workspace on Clearing LD: This option redirects users to a specified workspace after they've cleared the Loading Dock.
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