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The HTML widget is a very flexible widget that allows content to be placed into a widget. What this widget presents is entirely defined by its configuration. Multiple copies of this widget may be placed in the workspace, each with its own unique configuration.



The configuration of this widget is completely custom, allowing it to be used in a wide range of applications. It has two editing modes, Rich Text and HTML. Rich Text mode can pass Javascript, CSS, and parameters into the generated HTML of the widget. This can be useful for distributing widgets.



Widget Configuration

Editing Bar

This area contains all the editing controls - the first for Rich Text, and the second for HTML editing. If "Display contents in an iFrame" is checked below the content editor, the option to add JavaScript, CSS, and Parameters becomes available.



All buttons have hovering tooltips to describe their function, but of special interest are the Change Edit Mode, Insert MediaBeacon Link, and Insert Asset Image buttons.


  • Change Edit Mode: This button toggles between the Rich Text and HTML modes.
  • Insert MediaBeacon Link: This button allows the user to add links to MediaBeacon content, by specifying a Link Name, an Asset ID and/or a Saved Search.


  • Insert Asset Image: This button allows the user to add images from MediaBeacon assets, designating the View Size, and Asset ID


  • Add Field: This lets the user inject asset metadata directly into the HTML widget. This could be snippets of HTML code, text descriptions, usage rights, or any other arbitrary content. Once a valid asset ID has been entered, a list of available fields is displayed.


  • SmartLink: If the fields being injected are URLs, checking "SmartLink" will automatically display them as clickable hyperlinks.


Content Area

  • Below the editing bar, content can be entered in either Rich Text or HTML, depending on the mode.

Layout Height and Width

  • The Fields below used to define the maximum height and width of the content of the widget.

Open Documentation

This button will open a new window with the MediaBeacon API documentation.

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