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Taxonomy Browser


This widget allows filtering of assets in the View widget by hierarchical metadata. The interface appears similar to a Directory Browser, but has some differing features, described below.

The Taxonomy Browser also works with R3Search. When selecting nodes in the Taxonomy Browser, the facets in the Search Filter will dynamically update.


Main Features

  • Nested Terms: Terms that are arranged hierarchically can be spun down like a folder structure to reveal deeper levels of nested terms. Type into the "Taxonomy Tree Filter" to only display entries that match a certain pattern.


  • Selections: Selecting terms in the Taxonomy browser will behave in one of two ways, which is set by the administrator.
  • Single Select: In this mode, users can select only one term at time. This gives an experience similar to browsing the Directory Browser.


  • Multi-Select: In this mode, users can select multiple terms at any point in the taxonomy structure. Multi-select mode also displays the "AND/OR" toggle, which controls how the selected terms filter the results. If "AND" is selected, only assets tagged with all selected terms are displayed. If "OR" is selected, assets matching any selection are displayed.


  • Clearing all Selected Terms: The Clear button (shown as a red "x") will deselect all terms in the taxonomy browser.



Widget Configuration

  • Taxonomy Field: This widget is configured by first selecting a schema, and then a field to display in the hierarchy tree. Only schema and fields configured to use a hierarchical dictionary will be available. For information on configuring taxonomy dictionaries, please see the Admin Manual.


  • Add to existing search: Checking this option will allow searches to have the value from the Taxonomy Browser appended to the existing search.
  • Allow Multiple Selections: If this is selected, multiple nodes from the Taxonomy Browser may be selected.
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