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Search Refinement


The Search Refinement widget lets users see which fields a particular search term occurs in, and then drill down further if they choose.


After a search has been performed, the Search Refinement widget will display the search term and a list of fields in which it appears. The numbers in parentheses indicate the number of results that come from each field. Clicking on a field will display only results from that field in the View widget.

"Global" is a combination of R3Search-indexed fields plus the searchable text content of assets. Thus, if a term only appears in "Global" but has no listed fields, then it only occurs in the text of documents on the system (Word, InDesign, PDF, etc.).



Widget Configuration

  • Only include fields with namemappings in refining options: By default, Search Refinement will display all the fields that a search term appears in. Enabling this option will restrict it to fields whose namemappings have been set.
  • Dictionaries: The Search Refinement widget allows administrators to select which dictionaries will be used when analyzing search results. To select a dictionary, check the box and click "Save."
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