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Search Filter

  • Previously known as "R3Search Filter" or "Facet Filter"


R3Search allows users to dynamically and intuitively search through the all of the metadata in MediaBeacon. This process quickly guides the user to the desired assets without the restrictions of hierarchical taxonomy.

R3Search can help you find that PNG of a bird and a beach with blue skies that was taken some time in September. Or R3Search can enable your workflow by tracking assets through the stages and contributors of their lifecycle.

R3Search presents new facets as criteria are added, meaning that users will be able to view what additional criteria are available, and, optionally, how many assets reside in each category.


Main Features


  • Each of the spin-down subpanels is defined by a given metadata field, and shows a list of all the values present in all managed assets. This is referred to as a facet. In parentheses, each value shows an optional count of how many assets are tagged with that metadata.
  • A user may choose one or more values, called a filtering selection, which is shown in bold within each facet. When a user makes a filtering selection:


  • The View widget will filter out all assets that do not contain all values in the filtering selection's given value.
  • Values in the Search Filter widget are also filtered to remove any values not shared with the presently selected value.
  • If not disabled, each unselected value's asset count will display how many assets share the combination of the selected value and that specific unselected value.

And/Or Mode

  • Each facet is normally in "And" mode, but may be toggled into "Or" mode by clicking the "And / Or" icon on the right of the facet panel. In "Or" mode, users may select multiple values per facet, making searches more flexible.

NOT Mode

  • A value can be shift-clicked to select it as a value not to show. The "not" values can be combined with "And/Or" mode. When the shift key is held during mouseover of a R3Search value, the highlight will show in red.



This link displays a searchable list of all available values for a particular field. Typing into the text area will dynamically filter the displayed values. Click the "X" on the right side to exit this mode.


Typing into the text area will dynamically filter the terms in the facet. The widget can filter based on the beginning of the term, the entire term and a substring of the term depending on configuration.


Multiple terms can be entered sequentially by using commas.


Hit "Enter" to search on the desired terms.


Clearing a Filtering Selection: Filtering selections may be cleared by clicking the red circled "X" icon to the far right of the facet panel.

Searching for Colors

  • Color Profile: See the Color Search widget section for a description. It may also be shown with the other facet search terms.
  • Pantone Colors: A palette of Pantone Colors and names is presented which allow users to search image-based assets by Pantone Colors that are present in the image .


  • Clicking one of these swatches filters selections, replaces the swatch with a checked swatch, and causes a corresponding Pantone Color chip to appear in the Search Status widget.


  • Clicking the checked swatch in the Search Filter widget or the "X" to the right of the Pantone Color chip will clear remove the filter from the current search. Clicking a Pantone Color chip in the Search Status widget, or right clicking a swatch in the Search Filter widget will present a contextual menu to the user with options to search for Pantone Colors harmonies. Selecting a harmony from the contextual menu replaces the clicked Pantone Color in the search.


  • Calendar Mode: Date fields can be displayed as either a list of dates or as a clickable calendar. In Calendar Mode, the color of a particular date corresponds to the number of assets with that value (Red > Orange > Yellow > White). Use the arrows to navigate between months. To pick a month far in the past or future, click the downward arrow next to the year.


  • Drag-and-Drop Metadata Stamping: Asset selections in the View widget and Directory Browser folders may be dragged to a value shown in the Search Filter widget to stamp that selection with that metadata's particular value. An Update Metadata dialog will confirm the stamping.


Hierarchical Data in the Search Filter

R3Search can display hierarchical terms as well. Each level of the hierarchy is presented as a spin-down menu, with the number in parentheses being the total number of assets tagged with that term or terms below it in the hierarchy structure.


When browsing hierarchical terms in the Search Filter, click on individual parts of the hierarchy to remove them from the search.


Search Filter with Metrics

When added to a workspace with a Metrics widget, the Search Filter will switch into metrics mode. Instead of displaying the total number of assets tagged with a certain value, R3Search will instead display the total number of actions that were performed on assets with a certain value. See the "Metrics: User" section for more details.




The Search Filter widget needs to have R3Search enabled in order to operate.

Widget Configuration

Destination Workspace

The workspace the user will be taken to after clicking a value. Leave this empty to stay in the current workspace.

Field Selection

The admin may choose which fields will be included in the widget. One unique field here is "Color Profile" which allows the color search to be used in the Search Filter widget. See also the Color Search section. Note that all values in the Search Filter will be lowercase, unless the field has a dictionary attached to it. In that case, R3Search will display the capitalization from the dictionary term instead.

Show Selected Values

This checkbox toggles whether or not chosen values will remain visible in the R3Search Panel.

Show Empty Fields

This checkbox toggles whether or not a spin-down subpanel will be shown for fields that have no values in them.

Hide Value Counts

This checkbox toggles whether or not asset counts are displayed to the right of each facet in the R3Search panel.

Always Show Filter Box

This checkbox toggles whether or not a filter box is always displayed under each field selection.

Filter Field Search Type

This controls how terms are filtered when users click the "More" button.

  • Contains: returns values that contain the search string anywhere (e.g. typing "at" would return "atom" and "bat").
  • Starts With: returns values with the search string at the beginning (e.g. typing "at" would return "atom" but not "bat").

Field Specific Options

This control will expand when a field is selected above. Different options will be available for different field types.

Keyword field:


Date field:


Integer field:


When "Dynamic Ranges" is selected, users will be able to define their own ranges.

String field:


Metrics Schema

MediaBeacon includes a "MediaBeacon Metrics" schema by default, with the fields "Action", "Asset ID", "Datestamp", and "Username." This is helpful for tracking system usage.

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