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Saved Selections


The Saved Selections widget provides an area to view and recall user-accessible saved selections.


Main Features

Types of Saved Selections

Saved selections are shown in two spin-down categories, Public and Private, each containing Saved Selections of the respective types. Each Saved Selection lists its name, its asset count and a description, if present. Clicking a saved selection will load it in the View widget.


Mousing over a selection presents the configuration gear. Clicking on this allows the user to update a selection's description and sharing options.

Create Saved Selection Dialog

Saving a selection of assets can be done with the Selection command in the Create menu. Choosing this command will display the Create Saved Selection dialog. This shows fields for name and description, as well as a checkbox to allow group (ACL) members to see and use the saved selection.


  • Private: This option makes the selection available only to the user.
  • Current Group: This option makes the selection available to all users in the group.
  • Share with Specific Users / Groups: This option allows the user to share the selection with an arbitrary combination of users and groups, which can be chosen from a dropdown menu or using type ahead. To send an email notification, check "E-mail" and type a message.
  • Create: This button will save the selection as a normal Saved Selection, which can be loaded using the Load command in either the Selection menu or the Contextual menu of the View widget.
  • Create Selection Bundle: This button creates an asset representation of a saved selection. Double-clicking the resulting .xmpb file will load the saved selection.


  • Saved Selection Filter: Typing into the Saved Search Filter will dynamically filter the searches displayed.




Widget Configuration

  • Show Selection Filter: This option toggles the Selection Filter, described above.
  • Exclude selections with prefix: This option will prevent selections with the specified prefix from displaying in the widget.
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