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The Metrics widget works in conjunction with the Search Filter and the Facet Graph to display usage data for administrators. Metrics will update dynamically based on the current search or directory.


  • The Metrics widget will display the total number of actions that occurred during a particular time frame. (To see the full list of actions that MediaBeacon tracks, see "Log Reports: User.") By selecting facets in the Search Filter or the Metrics widget dropdown, searching, or changing directories, administrators can drill down in the data. For instance, in the example above, Metrics is displaying data from 12/01/16 - 12/07/16 on all assets.Assets that were worked on during that time are shown in the View widget.
  • Note: When the Search Filter is used in the same workspace as Metrics, it will no longer display the number of assets tagged with a certain value, but rather the total number of actions that were performed on assets with that value.
  • To create a stacked graph with a particular field, click the button in the Search Filter.


  • The dropdown button in the top right of the Metrics widget will do the same.Metrics_Workspace.png
  • The graph button in the top right of the Metrics widget will toggle the type of graph between a line graph and a bar graph.Metrics_Workspace.png
  • Click values along the bottom to exclude them from the graph, or else shift-click them in the Search Filter. The values will be removed and will display grayed-out:


  • To display only a certain value in the graph—a particular user, for example—click the correct value in the Search Filter.
  • Hover over the graph to display specific values:


  • Metrics data can be exported from an export enabled View widget. First switch to your Metrics workspace. Select at least one Search Filter value. Switch back to your export enabled View widget workspace. Add at least one View widget column from the MediaBeacon Metrics schema. Select the actions you wish to export, then click the export button at the top of the View widget. Choose your export options, then click export.
  • Metrics include the corresponding Groups and ACLs of actions along with the elapsed time the action was executing for.


  • Metrics is a license enabled option. Contact your MediaBeacon representative for details.
  • The Metrics widget has no administrative options to configure.
  • The Metrics widget should be added to a metrics dedicated workspace. To achieve quickest setup, add a New Workspace and select the Metrics option. This creates a workspace that has Search Filter, Metrics and Text View widgets. As a user interacts with the data in the various widgets, the actions displayed in the Text View are updated.
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