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Facet Graph


The Facet Graph widget displays what proportion of assets in the current view have particular values for a specified field. As a user browses or searches, the Facet Graph will update based on the assets that are currently being displayed.

The Facet Graph widget can be displayed as a donut or pie chart.


To see all the assets with a particular metadata value, click the appropriate section of the graph. Clicking the value in the center of the graph will reset the widget.


To exclude values from the Facet Graph, click the value name instead. To add the value back, click it again.



To configure the Facet Graph widget, choose the field to display from the dropdown list.


  • Graph Type: Choose to display your graph as a donut or pie chart.
  • Number of Results: Limits the number of metadata values that are displayed by default. Others can be seen by clicking the "more" portion of the graph.
  • Hide missing values: Automatically excludes assets with nothing set for that field from the graph. Those assets will still display in the View widget, but will not be reflected in the graph itself.
  • Hide Legend: Automatically excludes the legend from the graph.
  • Hide Graph Title: Automatically excludes the titles in the graph view.
  • Show Graph Labels: Automatically add labels to the graph to give users a clearer understanding of the values represented on the graph.
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