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Directory Browser


The Directory Browser widget allows users to browse the directory structure of their managed assets much like a desktop OS file browser. It is also used to move and copy assets with drag-and-drop.


Main Features


The Directory Browser is a standard spin-down folder browser. To display the contents of a given folder in a View widget, click the name of a folder. Selected folders will be highlighted.


Move and Copy

Drag a selection to a folder, and the user will be asked if they want to Move or Copy that selection into the target folder. Selections may be assets selected in a View widget or a folder from the Directory Browser widget itself.


When moving a folder to a new location, MediaBeacon will check for name conflicts. If a conflict is found, the user will be given the chance to merge folders.


Clicking "Merge" will attempt to combine the contents of the two identically-named folders. Conflicts between file names will be resolved on an asset-by-asset basis.


Folder Filter

This field allows the user to enter a string to filter the available folders. The "X" icon on the right of the field will clear the filter term.


Directory Browser Contextual Menu


This menu can be accessed by right clicking a directory, or by hovering over a directory and clicking the drop down icon that appears on the right.

  • New: Create a new folder inside an existing one.
  • Rename: Rename a folder. Can also be done by double-clicking the folder name.
  • Delete: Delete a folder, along with all its assets and sub-folders.
  • Move/Copy: Move or copy a folder to another location.
  • New folders can be created within an existing directory during the move/copy by selecting "New" from the contextual menu.


  • Duplicate Folder: Create a copy of a folder in the same location.
  • Import: Reimport a folder and all its assets. User will also have the option of regenerating asset previews.
  • Bundle: Create a bundle from a folder's contents. Bundles are a way of treating an entire folder of assets like a single asset. Thus, a bundled folder in MediaBeacon can have metadata attached to it, will show up in search results, etc. This can be useful for managing groups of related assets.
  • Folder Info: View or edit a folder's metadata.
  • Create RSS feed: Set up an RSS feed for a given folder. See 'Manage RSS Feeds'.
  • Attach Asset Feed: Attach a remote Mediabeacon's RSS asset feed to the specified folder. This powerful feature allows remote content to be browsed and searched between MediaBeacon instances. See 'Manage RSS Feeds' for a full description.
  • Create Data Asset: Create a new XMP asset or an empty asset within a given folder.
  • Download: Perform a Quick Download of an entire folder.
  • Email External Download Link:
  • The template used to generate the External Download Link can be customized or branded by editing the file m-userinfo/m-layouts/
  • To: The email address of the recepient.
  • Share Expiration Date: The date on which the link will expire and no longer allow downloads.
  • Maximum Download Count: The number of times the link will allow a download.
  • Email on Download of Link: With this option checked, the creator of the External Link will be emailed when the download link is used.
  • Licensing Text: This text is what the receipient must agree to before downloading the assets.




Widget Configuration

  • Show Folder Filter: This option toggles the Folder Filter, described above.
  • Enable Horizontal Scrollbar: This option enables a horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the widget when folder names would display wider than the widget's base size.
  • Enable Drag and Drop Upload: This option enables Drag and Drop Upload from the desktop directly to directories listed in the Directory Browser.


  • Change Directory on Selection Move/Copy: This option enables the directory to automatically be changed to the new location of the Move/Copy.
  • Display Asset Count: This option enables the asset count of each directory to be displayed next to the directory in the Directory Browser tree.


  • Limit folder name length: Click the checkbox and enter the character limit for folder names. Displayed folder names will be truncated and show an ellipsis (…) at the end. A limit of 0 represents unlimited length.


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