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Color Search


The Color Search widget is able to filter assets using the constituent colors of the images.


Main Features

  • Filtering by Color: Users may search image-based assets by colors that are present in the image. A palette of colors is presented, and each swatch on the palette has multiple search modes:
  • Solid Swatch: one or more images in the system have this color.
  • Corner Swatch: no images in the system have this color.
  • Checked Swatch: Click a solid swatch to select that color to be used in asset filtering.
  • Striped Swatch: Shift-Click a swatch to add it to the facet search as an exclusionary value; that is, to exclude images containing that color.
  • Color Search Bar: This bar appears when colors are chosen in the palette below, and represents the color filtering selections as solid swatches, and the exclusionary choices as striped swatches.


  • Selections may be cleared by clicking that color in the Color Search bar, or all selected colors may be cleared by clicking the red circled "X" to the right of the color search bar.


The Color Search widget does not have any special options, but does require R3Search to be enabled in order to operate.

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