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M3TAForms Stamper


The M3TAForms Stamper widget is used to add predefined metadata to assets with a drag-and-drop action. Workspaces can contain multiple stamper widgets.


Main Features

Making Stamps

The bottom tile is always present, and allows new Stamps to be made via the Bulk Edit Dialog. Drag an asset to the tile, or click to open the dialog and enter the desired metadata. Then click the Make Stamp button, and choose an icon from the Choose Thumbnail dialog, clicking Select to complete the process.

Quick Tip: Did you know that you can create stamps that will dynamically insert a user's username or the current date?

Enter the term "$username" into a field on the stamp or "$today". This will insert the name of the active user into the field when an asset is stamped, or the current date, respectively.



Using Stamps

To stamp an asset selection drag-and-drop it onto a Stamp tile and the Confirm Apply Stamp dialog will be presented. This dialog shows the metadata in spin-down panels, arranged by schema. Clicking OK will begin the stamping process, and a progress bar will be displayed below the metadata. When the bar has reached 100%, click OK again to clear the dialog.


Stamps can also be made available in the Action Palette.




Editing a Stamp

To edit a stamp, mouse over it and click its configuration gear. This will display the list of M3TAForm tabs and the values associated with the stamp. Once the desired changes have been made, click "Update Stamp" to save them.


Removing a Stamp

To delete a stamp, click its configuration gear and choose "Delete Stamp".


Alternately, drag it into the Trash widget. A confirmation dialog will be presented if the function will affect 100 or more assets or if it is enabled in configuration.





Widget Configuration

  • Show in Action Palette: This option will make stamps appear in the Action Palette instead of as a widget.
  • Show Stamp Description: When checked this option causes stamps to display a summary of the M3TAForm fields that it edits, along with the values it will write to those fields.
  • Show Confirmation Dialog Before Write: When checked, this option will show a confirmation dialog before a user deletes any number of assets. If unchecked, the confirmtion dialog will only show up if the user has selected 100 or more assets to delete.
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