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The Conversions widget is a drag-and-drop aware widget, which allows the user to send assets to the Loading Dock using a variety of preset and user-defined conversion presets. It also can be viewed in three different modes: as a normal widget, as being docked in the Action Palette, and being hidden while its functionality moves to an asset's quick download badge. The icons that represent each conversion preset can be customized.



Main Features

  • Sending assets to the Loading Dock: To send assets to the loading dock, drag-and-drop an asset selection to a conversion tile.


  • Confirmation Dialog: Once the asset selection is dropped, the user will be presented with a conversion confirmation dialog.


  • Most conversions will have the majority of the drop-down menus disabled, since those settings are preset. Once the user clicks Submit in the dialog, the asset selection is sent to the Loading Dock and the user is automatically redirected there as well.
  • Custom Conversion: The Custom Conversion has different options than other conversions. In the Custom tab it allows any combination of options to be selected. In the Presets tab, the user may select any of the other available conversions.





Widget Configuration

  • Show in Action Palette: This checkbox docks the Conversion widget in the Action Palette. The Conversion widget may also be docked in the Action Palette by dragging the widget. The Action Palette will automatically pop up when the Conversion widget is dragged.
  • Hide widget, show conversions on quick download button press: When checked, this option hides the Conversion widget. When an asset's quick download badge is clicked, the conversion dialog will display allowing the user to perform an available conversion.

This function only works with the Infinite Scroll View widget.

  • Conversions Panel: This panel shows the available conversions and a checkbox next to each to toggle whether it is shown in the widget or Action Palette. These items maybe be rearranged by drag-and-drop. The icons can also be customized with included graphics or you can upload your own. Just click the icon to get started.
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